53% of People Struggle to Understand Their Health Information

HealthMine Research With 6,000 Consumers in 2015 Reveals Gaps In Wellness Programs

Dec 27, 2015, 14:47 ET from HealthMine, Inc.

DALLAS, Dec. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- According to HealthMine's research, conducted with more than 6,000 consumers enrolled in health plans in 2015, 53% of consumers said it's not easy to understand their health information, or what they need to do to maintain or improve their health.  Yet, wellness programs have the potential to discover sick and at-risk members in the population; 46% of consumers with a chronic condition who were surveyed said they discovered their illness through a wellness program.

Bryce Williams, CEO and President of HealthMine said: "For people to take control of their health they need to know three things: first, their health status; second, what they can do to improve or maintain their health; and third, what is in it for them."

HealthMine consumer surveys revealed that gaps in wellness programs are preventing members from owning their health:

Gaps in consumer understanding of their health:

Most members don't know where they stand with their health.

  • Less than one third of consumers know their key health metrics—including their blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI and blood sugar.

Many can't access all of their health information.

  • 53% of consumers say they can't access all of their clinical health data from a computer. Another 39% are unable to access all of their clinical and behavioral (collected by apps/trackers) health data from a single source.

Gaps in knowing what to do to improve/maintain health:

Members don't understand what they need to do.

  • 53% of people say it's not easy to understand their health information or what they need to do to maintain or improve their health.

Many want help with specific, personalized health goals and actions.

  • 55% of people want help from their healthcare plan in setting personal health goals. Another 65% want reminders about critical health actions such as prescription refills and annual health exams.

Gaps in motivation/knowing 'what's in it for me?':

Most are not engaged in their wellness program.

  • Less than half (44%) of consumers stay engaged in their wellness program throughout the year. 27% say lack of time keeps them from engaging.

Incentives aren't meaningful for most members.

  • 55% of people say wellness incentives are not meaningful to them, and little more than half actually earn all of their available incentives each year.

Programs haven't helped members lower healthcare costs.

  • Just 38% of people say their wellness program helps them manage their costs. 81% of wellness programs do not include a price comparison tool.

Added Williams: "Although wellness has made strides in 2015, many plan sponsors don't know the health status of their own programs. Are they measurably improving population health and lowering costs? There will be significant improvements in the power of wellness plans in 2016," he concluded.

About HealthMine

HealthMine is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to empower everyone to own their health. HealthMine has created an unparalleled Personal Clinical Engagement technology platform that makes it easy for members to manage their health because they know: 1) where they stand, 2) what they need to do, and 3) what's in it for them. The platform works by automatically intaking each member's clinical and behavioral health data, and analyzing it through a rigorous, clinical rules engine. HealthMine identifies healthy, at-risk, and chronically sick individuals in a population, uncovering health risks that often go unnoticed. Applying deep understanding of a member's health, lifestyle and behavioral patterns, HealthMine creates a dynamic, personalized health action plan and tracks outcomes. Serving more than one million members, HealthMine has saved employers and payers more than $100 million in healthcare costs. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Dallas, Texas with offices in San Mateo, California, and Eatontown, New Jersey.

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