60% of Ad Campaigns Use Audience Data in 2012 with a 27 - 44% Increase Expected in 2013, According to Research from eXelate and Digiday

Custom data based on first party or past performance data, modeled to achieve scale, was cited as the top performing data among agencies, marketers and ad platforms for both branded and direct response campaigns

Oct 31, 2012, 09:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The modeling of custom data is ushering data 2.0 in online advertising as agencies, marketers and ad platforms are seeing that modeled, custom data is the best performing data according to research conducted by eXelate and Digiday.

To conduct this research survey, eXelate, the leading data and analytics engine making big data work for digital advertisers, partnered with Digiday, a media company and community for professionals who work in the digital media, marketing and advertising industry.

The survey, based on the input of 875 respondents at agencies (54%), marketers (15%) and ad platforms (31% at ad networks, ad exchanges and Demand Side Platforms), concluded that data usage in online advertising is getting more sophisticated as custom data – first party or performance data modeled to achieve scale – has grown significantly in usage based on the launch of proprietary data modeling solutions like eXelate's maX Data™.  Below are additional key findings:

  • 60% of agency campaigns, 67% of ad platform campaigns and 57% of marketer campaigns leverage audience targeting today
  • Custom data was cited as the best performing data for branding campaigns among 37% of agency respondents, 48% of ad platform respondents and 36% of marketer respondents surveyed
  • For direct response campaigns, 43% of agency respondents, 58% of ad platform respondents and 46% of marketer respondents cited custom data as the best performing data set

While each of the three groups stated that their data budgets will increase in 2013, the reasons for the increase vary greatly: 

  • 68% of agency respondents attributed the increase in data's budget to the efficiency of data which helps make ad spend allocation smarter
  • 78% of ad platform respondents said data budgets will increase because of the strategic value of data, which helps them discern useful insights
  • 70% of marketers plan to spend more on data in 2013 because it is tactical, and helps them identify more people who are like their best customers

When asked about the most important data-related Key Performance Indicators (KPI), agency respondents cited online sales, while ad platform respondents cited lift in brand awareness, and marketer respondents cited click through to landing page.

"The results of this survey showed that a majority of the industry has progressed beyond simplistic and obvious data implementations and are increasingly modeling their first party data to increase scale and broaden campaign reach," said Mark S. Zagorski, CEO of eXelate. "The fact that custom data was cited as the most effective form of data for both branding and direct response campaigns among marketer, advertiser and ad platform respondents alike proves the leading role data modeling will play as we head into the new year and continue to unlock the power of 'Big Data' for digital marketers."

Please click here to view the presentation summarizing the research survey results.

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