68% of British Drivers Compromise Motoring Safety by Overlooking Basic Under-the-Bonnet Maintenance

May 28, 2012, 06:00 ET from RED Driving School

LONDON, May 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

British drivers are reluctant to open the bonnet of their cars to perform basic weekly maintenance checks, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by RED Driving School. For a staggering 68% of Brits, levels of brake fluid, engine coolant or engine oil are checked least frequently. Overlooking these quick and simple tests can lead to engine damage and in some instances significantly decrease motoring safety[1].  

Shockingly, 37% of respondents claim that brake fluid is checked least often, men are particularly lazy when it comes to this, with 42% failing to regularly open the bonnet to check. According to the Highway Code, brake fluid levels should be tested at least weekly, if not more frequently[2]. Low levels of brake fluid can have dangerous consequences resulting in brake failure[3].

Worryingly, 21% of British drivers check engine coolant levels least frequently, this is especially true of women, with a quarter of female motorists most likely to overlook this test. The Highway Code recommends that engine coolant level is tested weekly[4]. Low levels of coolant can overheat the engine of a vehicle, causing potential engine damage which could result in a costly repair.

Dominic Cohen of RED Driving School, one of the UK's leading national driving schools, is concerned that British drivers could be forgetting basic motoring health checks, "Most recommended weekly vehicle maintenance checks only take a few minutes and could save vehicle owners money by avoiding unnecessary damage, as well as preventing potential road accidents and breakdowns."

Cohen continues, "All driving students learn the theory and practical application of basic weekly vehicle maintenance, so it's disappointing that British motorists aren't always practicing this. Scheduling a little time each week to check vehicle lights, tyres and some basic under-the-bonnet maintenance could make British roads a much safer driving environment."

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SOURCE RED Driving School