6Tribes, An Evolution In Social Networking Launches Today

-- A new social networking app from the man behind the BBC iPlayer

May 26, 2015, 04:00 ET from 6Tribes

LONDON, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, 6Tribes, a new app that represents an evolution in social networking, has launched in London. Unlike existing social networks, 6Tribes enables people to join tribes that reflect their lifestyles - download 6Tribes here.

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Anthony Rose, CEO of 6Tribes and the man behind the BBC iPlayer, explains: "6Tribes analyses things like your Facebook likes, the music on your phone and the places you've been to, to find the perfect tribes for you. Once you're a member of a tribe, you can connect with people who get what you're into, be it fashion or travelling the world – people who understand you. You have a place where you belong."

6Tribes connects people based on shared interests and lifestyles, rather than who they went to school with, and in doing so, provides people with an entirely new way of discovering great content and meeting people with the same passions, causes and interests.

6Tribes is the brainchild of Anthony Rose and Ernesto Schmitt. Instead of focusing on people's existing social connections, their 6Tribes brings people together around a shared interest, event or lifestyle, and presents members with feeds that fit their interests.

"We created 6Tribes to connect people with groups of like-minded people, or tribes, for an entirely new way to meet, connect and belong. Whatever you're into, you'll be with the people who absolutely get you. On 6Tribes everyone wants to hear what you have to say."

"Our research made it clear that people are looking to connect around lifestyles, ideas and topics, and an alternative to the increasing amount of irrelevant content filling their news feed in existing social networks. The next evolution of social networking will come from this desire. 6Tribes is the first social network to deliver on this."

Wanderluster or Cineaste? Earth Star or Urban Explorer? Coffee Geek or Revolutionary? 6Tribes connects you with people into the same things as you.

6Tribes launches in the UK today, with other countries to follow. The app is available for iPhone and iPad - download 6Tribes here.  Android version to follow.

Key features of the 6Tribes app:

  • 6Tribes uses your music, photos, location and Facebook posts to find the right tribes for you.
  • Initial set of tribes include Coffee Geeks, Feminists, Deephouse Bunnies, Kung Foodies, Adrenaline Junkies and many more, with more tribes added daily.
  • Create your own tribe and 6Tribes will find matching people and bring them to your tribe.
  • Click on a tribe to dive into the content and conversation with that tribe.
  • 6Tribes automatically recommends tribes for you based on your location. Launch 6Tribes at a music event, festival or university and the app will find and recommend a tribe for you.
  • Social DNA is a set of tags, automatically created for each person, which shows your interests, music, topics you've posted on, people you've posted about, and places you're interested in.
  • Bump a post to give the person who posted a boost, and to tell the tribe that it's a post worth checking out. Get notified when people bump your posts.

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About 6Tribes

6Tribes presents a new take on social media based on the concept of tribes. 6Tribes helps you find your tribe. 6Tribes connects you to the people who love what you love. Whatever you're into, you'll be part of a community that absolutely gets you. Post what you like, share what you want and get access to content that you love. Nothing irrelevant – just great communities where you can be yourself.

6Tribes launches in the UK today, with other countries to follow. The app is available for iPhone and iPad - download 6Tribes here.  Android version to follow.

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