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Apr 20, 2016, 13:46 ET from Czech Minibreweries

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Czech beer, especially Pilsner lager, is probably the most well-known product of a country in the heart of Europe. This world famous beer is brewed in Czech microbreweries for more than one and half century in still the same traditional way that is significantly different from the production of beer in industrial breweries.

The main difference in the brewing process of Czech beer includes primarily the production of the first intermediate beer product (so-called wort) by decoction method. This is a traditional Czech beer production technology when part of the wort is pumped into another container and boiled separately. Such method requires special designed brewhouse that is typical for Czech breweries.

Another difference is the main beer fermentation and maturation method. While in the majority of commercial breweries closed pressure vessels - cylindrical-conical tanks - are used for the main fermentation, in the Czech Republic open fermentation vats are used most often. Thanks to this method we can during the excursion to the Czech microbreweries experience a wonderful view at fermenting beer, which is creating a foam of various colours and shapes. In the end of the beer production process  beer is maturated usually in the beer lagering tanks. Beer is carbonized by activity of remaining beer yeast during the long maturation period.

Despite these facts even in such traditional country new remarkable innovations and solutions ensuring effectiveness and higher quality are developed. Such technical developments can be applicable in microbreweries all around the world. Here is a list of solutions that can be seen in  Czech microbreweries nowadays.

1-st solution - BREWORX VARIO CCT 

Reduction of beer loss, cost of sanitizing solutions, energy and labour costs during fermentation process of beer in cylindrical-conical fermenters.

The beer fermentation tank adjustable racking valve system for easy separation of the yeasts from the product (beer, cider, wine …) in fermentation cylindrical-conical tanks without loss of product residues. This system allows the precise height setting of the outlet pipe suction hole just above the actual level of yeast in the tank.

 2-nd solution - BREWORX DECOCTION

Modification of current  brewhouses to enable production of a traditional Czech beer - reconstructions of simple infusion brewhouses to decoction-infusion brewhouses for the enabling decoction method.

The brewhouse upgrade service includes :

  1. The initial consultation and analysis- expert consultation on-site.
  2. Technical documentation - the technological project documentation includes: technical description and drawings, a detailed description of the technological and technical solutions for the required reconstruction of the brewhouse. 
  3. Manufacturing - manufacturing of  the required equipment for the reconstruction of the brewhouse according to the project.
  4. Assembling - all manufactured components will be implemented on the existing brewhouse. The brewhouse will be reconstructed according to the project.
  5. Commissioning of the production system-completing all operations that are necessary for putting the brewhouse into operation. These works are led by an expert on an installed technology (engineer, brewmaster). 
  6. Trial operation, operator training  - a  Czech brewmaster prepares one or more batches of wort in the brewhouse and he gives the customer instructions how to operate new technology. 

3-rd solution - BREWORX MOBILE CIP 

Obligatory equipment in every brewery. The function of CIP station is to perfectly clean, sanitize and disinfect all vessels and piping. Without regular maintenance of all equipment brewery is not possible to produce quality beverages.

Its function is based on circulation of an alkaline or acid solution through a sanitary shower spraying it onto vessel walls and into its space.

It is equipped also with a flow heater with digital temperature regulator ranging from 0°C to 80°C.

The mobile CIP station consists of two main tank for alkaline and acid solution and one vessel for neutralizing of used solutions. The circulation of the sanitizing solutions is provided by an integrated centrifugal pump and system of connecting hoses. Main advantage of such CIP station is the mobility.

4-th solution - BREWORX KEG WASHFILL 

Sanitizing and filling of beer kegs using the manual or automatic keg washing & filling machine. The manually or automatically operated keg washer and filler enables washing and filling beer into 5L, 15L, 20L, 30L or 50L kegs. There is possible to fill beer also into plastic kegs (for example Petainers).

The production portfolio of the keg washers and fillers includes simple manual party kegs or classical beer barrels fillers, semi-automatic machines for kegs rinsing and filling designed for microbreweries and also powerful keg filling lines for medium breweries which are fully equipped with conveyors, automatic rinsing, sanitizing and filling valves, manipulators and the keg labelling system.

5-th solution - BREWORX MODULO 

Complete professional mini brewery by yourself within one day! Without project work, building reconstruction work, expensive costs of installation by team of specialists.

BREWORX MODULO micro-breweries are manufactured according to modern methods from quality stainless steel exclusively from Europe. They enable the production of traditional Czech type beer, but also any other kind of world beer using the decoction or infusion method. Customer can produce light beer, half-dark, dark, stout type beer, ale, pale ale, white beer and many other beer types by Czech and foreign recipes.

Their design also allows the production of bottom and top fermented beers by a modern way of fermentation and maturation in special sealed FUIC units - cylindrical-conical tanks with independent cooling system.


Extend your brewery's ability to cider production. For small investment you can get a professional production of beverage which is now conquering the world. The BREWORX BEERCIDERLINE system is designed as optional accessories of small brewery. After upgrade of your brewery you can produce both beer and cider on single production line. 

The equipment for the production of cider  is very similar to the beer production equipment. Instead of a hot block with a brewhouse contains  machines for cleaning, crushing and pressing fruit .  The liquid intermediate which subsequently passes through a fermentation process is the fruit juice pressed from fruit.

Fermentation and maturation process takes place in cylindrical tanks that compared to tanks for beer production have only slightly different equipment, based on the requirements of the manufacturing process of cider. Fermentation takes place at higher temperatures and in addition to the cooling a device for heating of containers is needed to maintain the desired fermentation temperature.

Our experiences in the production of microbreweries ensure the superior quality of craftsmanship and technical solutions of the technology for the production of ciders. The production line includes several complete technologies for the production of cider drinks in a professional manner.

7-th solution - BREWORX FUIC 

BREWORX FUIC  ( Beer fermentation unit with independent cooler ) is a compact unit developed primarily to meet the requirements of microbreweries which need to test new beers' recipes. Cylindrical-conical tanks are fully equipped and together with sophisticated cooling system is FUIC ideal to replace the classic self-standing CCTs and beer maturation and storage tanks. Brewery extension and thus increase in the production capacity of the brewery is quick and easy with units FUIC.

Fermentation and maturation units BREWORX FUIC are independent mobile blocks with cylindrical-conical tanks, including everything needed for the main fermentation of beer, beer maturation, bottling and dispensing beer. They consist of these components :

  • From 2 to 4 pcs of CCT - isolated and by liquid cooled cylindrical-conical tanks
  • From 1 to 4 pcs of the compact coolers
  • Elements for measurement and control of temperature and circulation of coolant
  • Piping for cooling liquid - elements for connecting between coolers and tanks
  • Shared frame with adjustable legs and the possibility of moving with wheels

This article presents only part of production the company Czech minibreweries s.r.o. This plant offers all high-quality equipment for professional production of beer, cider and wine, originally produced only with Czech or cooperated European producers.

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