7 Ways to Increase Sales Now

Jan 25, 2010, 16:59 ET from Dirextion, Inc.

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1. Update Your Website: A business' website has become the major hub of business activity in the present market. Having a site that is properly built for search engine optimization and visitor navigation is key to your business success moving forward.

2. Search Success: Many sites built over the past five years have heavy Flash components that give web designers the ability to make your site move and have beautiful graphics. Unfortunately, those design elements actually work against your site's ability to be found by search engines. Having a balanced site with full search engine optimization is the key to capturing traffic.

3. Email for Engagement: No other digital medium provides the consistent return on investment of email. An integrated program of information capture and database management provides the framework for successful email. We meet clients every day who use email in the attempt to grow their business. Many of these businesses expend a great deal of effort on email only to find they are collecting addresses and sending messages incorrectly. The key to email success is properly designed email messages that meet all of the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act. Find an email professional who understands proper design and the laws surrounding email.

4. Be Social: Businesses have had a hard time justifying the need to be involved in social media. Facebook and Twitter have eclipsed other traditionally recognized online destinations such as portals and news sites. If your business does not have a Facebook fan page along with a Twitter page and a consolidated plan for providing growth through this channel, you are missing a huge opportunity.

5. Involve Mobile: The cell phone has quickly become one of the most ubiquitous pieces of equipment in the marketplace. Having a plan in place to involve mobile marketing into your business mix is extremely important. If you use and depend on the services of a business, mobile messaging is as welcomed as the text of a close friend.

6. Digital Video: Some messages you need to convey to your clients could benefit greatly from online video. The key to digital video is to make a private conversation between you and your clients. Placing video on your site and delivering clients by linked digital marketing messages provide the intimate setting to convey important or complicated messages to your clients.

7. Digital Integration: Now that you have all of the components to take full advantage of digital media and marketing, you need a plan to integrate all of these services for effectiveness. All of these digital marketing components work together in concert to provide a successful marketing program. Ascertaining the right mix in the proper quantities sets successful businesses apart from the rest.

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