8 Best Possible Winners for 'Huntkey Cup' Power Strip Originality Competition

Apr 15, 2014, 09:00 ET from Huntkey Enterprise Group

SHENZHEN, China, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, will be hosting the National Finals for the 6th Huntkey Cup Power Strip Originality Competition at Oct-Loft, Shenzhen, on 18th, April.

The 'Huntkey Cup' Organizing Committee has received 596 pieces of creative artworks worldwide by the deadline of 31st, March, 2014. After the fair and open voting by the professionals and the public, 8 finalists have been chosen to have a final PK at the National Finals held on 18th April, OCT-LOFT in Shenzhen.

As a principle of designing home appliances, practicability will never go out of date. 'Fold Socket', an alternate permutation with compact design, does not only help save spaces, but also keeps the dust away. 'Loading Socket' provides a platform on which electronic products are displayed while charging. 'Curl Candy' is a flexible receptacle that can be stretched or retracted to adjust the number of states.

Besides utilitarian concerns, humanized design has revived in some of the artworks as well. 'My Perfect Socket' is specially designed for the visually-impaired, who can use the socket by touching the irregular surface. The design 'Scream' is inspired by the bottle of a soft drink, soft cover on each socket plays essential function in waterproof, child-protection and anti-electric shock.

(Image: http://dealer.huntkey.com/UserFiles/uploadfiles/images/20140415150308240.jpg)

'Arbitrary' and 'The Round' are made to achieve intelligent energy-saving.

(Image: http://dealer.huntkey.com/UserFiles/uploadfiles/images/20140415150255896.jpg)

Creative power strip appearance and materials enlightened the judges. 'Orange' is a completely orange-shaped power strip.

(Image: http://dealer.huntkey.com/UserFiles/uploadfiles/images/20140415150305974.jpg)

Who will emerge victorious? 18th April, let's wait and see!

For more information about selected artworks, please visit http://dealer.huntkey.com/cn/sjds/

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