8 Millennium Development Goals, 1 Resolute Region: Mediaplanet's "Investing in Latin America and the Caribbean" hits newsstands

Mar 29, 2013, 14:47 ET from Mediaplanet

NEW YORK, March 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The third edition of Mediaplanet's "Investing in the Developing World" series hit newsstands today in select markets of USA Today, setting the stage in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The "Investing in Latin America & the Caribbean" publication will map the distribution of disadvantage, revealing the deeply entrenched inequalities that persist despite the economic growth that the region has witnessed over the past few decades.  With the help of CARE, Concern Worldwide, Children International, iF Foundation, Compassion International, Women Deliver, UN Women, Grounds for Health, Ipas, Population Action International, IPPF, UMCOR, IntraHealth, Global Citizens Network, The Resource Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, Trees Water & People, Cup for Education, Child Fund, ReSurge International, ShelterBox, and The Hunger Project, Mediaplanet will take readers on a journey from the dry sands of the Chihuahuan Desert to the verdant tip of Cape Horn in order to trace the human landscape of globalization.

A Global Goal

In 2000, the UN established the Millennium Developments Goals: 8 benchmarks for development endorsed by 189 member states with a deadline of 2015.  Twelve years later and with just over 1,000 days until the goals expire, we will reassess where the region stands in reaching these goals.

"Worldwide, six of the ten countries that have made the most progress toward meeting the MDGs are in Central and South America," reflects CARE CEO, Helene Gayle. "There are multiple factors that account for their success, but one that our work points out is greater inclusion of girls and women. Latin America is doing remarkably well at ensuring that girls, women and entire communities benefit from the region's overall development."

With this publication, we take a moment to celebrate the successes of the region: hunger reduction, child survival, access to safe drinking water, and gender parity in education.  Simultaneously, we will cast light on the areas where the region is falling short: maternal mortality, women's health, sanitation, and environmental protection, honing in on the marginalized of the marginalized and giving a voice to the voiceless.

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Megan Brunhofer
Digital Editorial and Production Manager

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