80,000 Women Learn How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom from the Comfort of Their Living Rooms

Durex "Girl Talk" House Party(TM) events encourage women to take sexual pleasure into their own hands.

Oct 08, 2010, 14:24 ET from Durex

NORCROSS, Ga., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Studies continue to confirm what Durex®, the number-one condom brand in the world, has known for years: there is a "pleasure gap" between men and women that is getting in the way of truly fulfilling sex.

To help address this gap, Durex® is hosting 5,000 Girl Talk House Party™ events this Saturday, October 9. Hostesses and their girlfriends – 80,000 strong – will be taking their sexual pleasure into their own hands and exploring new ways to improve their sex lives. In addition to sharing fun and creative ways to close the "pleasure gap," women will learn about the wide assortment of Durex® products available to enhance pleasure and receive tips from Dr. Laura Berman, America's leading expert in female sexual health.

"You don't always have to get a prescription to improve your sex life," Dr. Berman said. "There is a wide range of products, many available at your local drugstore or supermarket, that can enhance the sexual experience for both partners and help close the pleasure gap."

A Durex® nationwide online survey of 2,052 adults aged 18 and older conducted in September by Harris Interactive confirmed this pleasure – and perception – problem:

  • 25% of adults said that they and their partner do not get an equal level of pleasure from sex
  • 17% of adults said their partner gets more pleasure from sex than they do
  • Men are more likely than women to say they and their partner get an equal amount of pleasure from sex (55% vs. 44%, respectively)

Another interesting finding from the Durex® survey revealed that men are more likely than women to say they are willing to try sexual aides (23% vs. 16%) and that sexual aides are a great way to spice up one's sex life (30% vs. 22%). To encourage women to act on what they learn about at the party, Durex is providing attendees with a "Measure Your Pleasure" seven-day diary that offers sex-stimulating advice and tips, and encourages women to capture their passion-filled results.

The Durex® Girl Talk House Party™ event is part of a new Durex® campaign designed to communicate to consumers that the brand is much more than just condoms. "Durex is about great sex and how our products can help couples have better sex together," said Ahmet Abaci, vice president of marketing, SSL Americas.

About Durex®

Durex® accounts for 34 percent of the global branded condom market, making it the number-one condom brand in the world. The company sells condoms in more than 130 countries worldwide and is the market leader in more than 40 markets. For 80 years, Durex® has represented quality and reassurance for consumers; but more recently the brand has grown to represent even more – moving from not only providing expert protection for safer sex but also helping provide the confidence and freedom to enjoy better sex. For more information, please visit www.durex.com.

About House Party™

House Party™ (www.houseparty.com) is a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing services company that engages thousands of qualified consumer advocates who host in-home parties featuring a brand, product or element of entertainment programming. Managed via a proprietary, customized online community space for each brand event, consumers engage both in home and online to explore and promote brands they love. House Party works with such industries as consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, television, theatrical releases, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, toys & games and automotive.

Abbreviated Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Durex® from September 14-16, 2010, among 2,052 adults ages 18 and older, of whom 1,483 are in a relationship. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Steven Rice at 404.881.2317 or steven.rice@ogilvypr.com.