A Brief Talk on Coupon Code Marketing from SooBest

Apr 26, 2013, 09:30 ET from Soobest.com

NEW YORK, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- B2C operating rules have always been framed around users' constantly changing needs and according to their own goals, constantly seeking to determine and attain that critical point. B2C SooBest, which offers a wide range of products such as fashionable women's clothing, men's clothing, digital watches and charm jewelry, has the following advice on coupon code marketing promotion.

Why focus on the customers? Because only they are the businessmen's bread and butter, and because the essential purpose of a business is to sell more products, to gain more loyal customers and to make more money.

Coupons, like points, do not belong to the core functionality of the whole B2C system, but are just an extended functionality of the operational level. Coupons can be combined in a variety of ways, also like membership points.

It is commonly known that the cost of developing new customers is more than twice as high as that of maintaining old customers. For every 5% reduction in the loss of customers, profits will increase 25-85%. By using coupons to keep old customers interested and to promote their sustained consumption, a company can save more time and get more money.

As for the new customers, delivering a coupon to them upon registration is not a small enticement. From the angle of marketing promotion, that coupon is also more suitable to use. Sharing coupons via different promotion channels (such as email, industry partners, promotional events and so on) to provide preferential benefits is also a strategy that sees results.

Ways of Issuing Coupons

1. Coupons obtained by shopping: In order to encourage secondary purchasing, a business can make rules such as if an order's total reaches $200+, the shopper can get a $20 coupon for their next purchase.

2. Group-buy coupons: Coupons procured by shoppers through group-buying sites.

3. Registration gifts: These coupons encourage visitors to register and start shopping; once a visitor registers, the site auto-sends the coupon to the user.

4. Holiday coupons: Exclusive coupons and selected products sent to customers in recognition of a holiday, or an encouraging message on the site alerting customers to click for special coupons.

5. Authorized third-party platforms: Companies can release coupons to members of some shopping guide platforms, particularly those platforms mainly related to coupon-gathering and shopping rebates.

Types of Coupons

1. Fixed incentive coupons are those with a fixed discount amount of $10, $20, $30, $100.

2. Total purchase discounts are those that cover the whole shopping cart, such as 10% off orders over $200.

3. Free shipping.

Conditions of Use

Conditions of use for coupons can vary according to the following standards:

1. Discounts based on membership level. For example, a Gold member can use a $30 coupon.

2. Discounts based on shopping cart subtotal, such as a shopping cart with $200-worth of products is eligible for a $30 coupon.

3. Discounts based on total number of items in the shopping cart, such as three items can use a $30 coupon.

4. Discounts according to product categories, such as products of "category A" are eligible for a $20 coupon.

5. Discounts according to specific products, such as an order including A, B or C can use a $10 coupon.

6. Coupons that are only eligible during a specific time period.

7. Coupons that are applied based on the delivery address, with different discounts for different areas.

All in all, coupons have a variety of uses and rules that extend beyond what is discussed above. In the modern retail commodity industry, using coupons and promotions has become an extensive marketing tool. Depending on the Internet, B2C websites have more advantages in using coupons than traditional enterprises, whether the issue is one of cost or payment accuracy.

Businesses should pay attention and take full advantage of the characteristics of coupons, emphasizing the care of customers, and give full play to this marketing method because with the cost advantages offered, they will provide more opportunities for the development of B2C.

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