A Dangerous Fire Season Requires the Dedication of George Saadian

George Saadian and his team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. are an invaluable resource during record heat and drought in Southern California.

May 14, 2014, 20:07 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This is proving to be a record year for fire danger in Southern California – and Fire Protection Group, Inc. lead engineer George Saadian has taken note. After suffering a drought last year, the winter months brought little relief, with the first quarter of 2014 – a period that usually provides the region with the vast majority of its yearly rainfall – remaining notably dry. Yet many experts worry that the negative and even dangerous effects of the drought have only now just begun. We're not even halfway through May, and already, wildfires have prompted mass evacuations throughout Los Angeles County. That's why the fire sprinklers and alarms designed at FPG Inc. are more essential than ever. The company also offers extinguishers and fire pumps for sale, among other products and services that could prove to be the greatest investment you ever make.

The dry air and unseasonably hot, 90-plus degree days we experienced in the first week of May led to a wildfire that forced the evacuation of more than 1,600 homes near the Etiwanda preserve and Bernardino National Forest. The dangerous conditions also prompted the LAFD to beef up firefighter strength at 10 stations and impose parking restrictions on narrow, hilly streets. However, with such a vast swath of land, and thousands of homes at risk, the greatest offense against the ravages of wildfire is the sort of prevention strategy provided by the dedicated fire safety experts at FPG, Inc.

At FPG, Inc., fighting fires begins with dependable, first-class fire protection and prevention services that are always reliable when you need them. That includes fire sprinkler systems, alarms, fire pumps, and other products that are designed and installed by an award-winning team that has garnered the respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors. FPG, Inc. is a world-class leader that also performs fire safety consulting, fire watch and inspection that ensures property and individuals are always protected.

George Saadian certainly respects the work of firefighters – in fact, his team includes retired LAFD luminaries Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. All told, the FPG, Inc. staff brings to the fore over 200 years of combined experience in fighting and preventing fires on sprawling university campuses, skyscrapers and shopping centers as well as residential structures. At the start of a fire season that could rival some of the most devastating in California history, the skill and experience of their team goes a long way towards providing peace-of-mind to SoCal residents who are simply looking to protect their property and those under their care.

As has been proven once again by the swift containment of the Etiwanda fire last week, firefighters certainly deserve our respect and admiration, but they would ideally be the last line of defense against the ravages of wildfire. To protect your property and community, take a defensive stance against fire with Fire Protection Group, Inc. For further information about the life-saving work at their company, please call 888-251-3488 or visit www.firesprinkler.com.

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