A Disposable Food Tray is Changing the Economics of the Food Service Industry

New Food Tray and Packaging Technology Creates One-Handed Combos Targeting the On-The-Go Society and Smart Phone Users

May 15, 2013, 06:00 ET from RockTops

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Concessionaires measure success based on per transaction revenue and profitability and now, with the introduction of RockTops food trays, consumers are able to carry and manage entire combo meals with one hand, thus increasing profits and generating additional revenue for the food service provider.  The trays also afford customers greater convenience, by freeing-up an extra hand for carrying more food, merchandise, or even a smart phone.

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To drive this benefit into the marketplace, RockTops, a New Mexico-based company, recently announced that Dippin' Dots, a Kentucky-based company, is introducing its food carrying trays into sports stadiums, theme parks and movie theaters nationwide.

Prior to its deal with Dippin Dots, RockTops introduced its trays at the University of New Mexico University Stadium during the 2011/2012 football seasons.  According to University Stadium officials, the average per capita sale (concession sales divided by tickets sold) was a little  more than $3, with the average transaction being around $6.  When RockTops were offered, allowing four and five-item combo meals to be purchased, the average transaction was nearly $16.  "RockTops combo meals produced nearly five times the per capita sale and nearly two-and-a-half times the average transaction at University Stadium," said Kurt Esser, senior associate athletics director at The University of New Mexico.  "And the fans really like the convenience provided by the trays."

RockTops found that if you move the tray from underneath the cup to on top, guests could carry a full-combo meal in one hand freeing the second hand.  The tray then acts as a mobile tabletop creating a simple but effective convenience.  RockTops leverages the straw as anchoring point for the trays and they are stable because most of the weight is in the beverage itself.

"We are the first food packaging and tray company that meets the Millennials squarely within their busy and on-the-go lifestyle," said Randy Asselin, president of RockTops.  "In a society where sports and movie fans juggle food, airlines no longer serve meals, people buy beverages and snacks at convenience stores, parents rush into the drive-thru with their children, and gadgets reside in almost every hand, we have created a portable and profitable convenience for everyone."

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About RockTops

RockTops is a food service solutions provider who is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between food service brands and their consumers. Invented by technologist, Randy Asselin, RockTops carrying trays create one-hand combo meals that result in more consumer convenience and higher per transaction revenue.

About Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots has produced and distributed its flash frozen tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice products since microbiologist Curt Jones invented the cryogenic process in 1988.  Made at the company's production facility in Paducah, Ky., Dippin' Dots distributes its unique frozen products in all 50 states and 11 countries and employs 170 people.