A Diverse Group of Stakeholders Will Gather to Learn More About Wildfire Preparedness

A New Program Endorsed By Fire Officials Advocates Homeowners Take More Responsibility Prior to Wildfires

Jun 01, 2010, 17:37 ET from Brandguard Vents

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to reach often overlooked stakeholders from the building industry, Brandguard Vents along with Hayward Lumber Santa Barbara have teamed up to sponsor an event on June 3rd that will bring together local contractors, builders, fire officials from Santa Barbara City, homeowners, HOA's, members of local Firesafe Councils,  insurance professionals, and local architects.

The event will take place at Hayward Lumber Santa Barbara Thursday June 3 from 10-2pm.  Hayward is located at 421 Laguna St, Santa Barbara, CA.   The goal of the event is to inspire action.

Brent Berkompas founder of Brandguard Vents and a fireman in Southern California along with Mark Mei of Hayward Lumber Santa Barbara have been coordinating the event.

The event will seek to educate those that attend about a new program developed for a wide and varied group of stakeholders with an emphasis on wildfire preparedness.  The program's goal is to create and maintain fire adapted communities by endorsing safer building practices, maintaining brush clearance, and retrofitting communities in the urban wildland interface.  The International Association of Fire Chiefs call the program Ready, Set, Go!

The program is based on the idea that during a major wildland fire, especially the early stages, there may not be sufficient fire suppression resources to protect every home. Structures are often destroyed during these first critical hours of a wildland fire by small embers not massive flame fronts. The Ready, Set, Go! program places special emphasis on fire-safe construction, fire-resistant landscaping, and structural fortification.

Most building safety professionals agree that any successful attempt to reduce losses of life, property, and the extra burden on public safety during wildfires must include buildings designed to  resist natural disasters. With participation from building and design professionals the result will undoubtedly be safer communities.

About Brandguard Vents:

Brandguard Vents, invented by a fireman in 2003, make flame and ember resistant vents for both New Construction and Retrofit applications.  The vents include roof, soffit, gable, undereave, and foundation vents.  Brandguard Vents are state and locally approved and offer a 20 year warranty.  They are made of 26ga, G90 Galvanized Steel and contain NO chemical reactions or moving parts.   Insurance discounts are also available.  www.brandguardvents.com

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