A Great Design Movement for Eco-Savvy Households

Dec 21, 2012, 05:00 ET from Eat Sleep Live Ltd.

NOTTINGHAM, England, December 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Individuals, couples and families are finding more and more ways to commit to eco-friendly practices. The government has worked hard in recent years to impress upon people the importance of a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and this has certainly taken effect.

The measures that councils have put in place to help people live greener lifestyles have helped considerably and there is now a very real sense in which everyone is working towards a better world, with recycling among the most active practices that households are getting involved in.

Greener ways of thinking appear, in fact, to have found their way into all aspects of family life - including interior design.

Eat Sleep Live is a furniture manufacturer specialising in the production of high quality, handcrafted items of solid furniture using British rustic reclaimed wood, and it has seen an increase in inquiries from people who are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

Reclaimed wooden furniture does a fantastic job of recycling wood that still has plenty of life in it as a quality material, but which is tied up in defunct projects. Visitors to http://www.eatsleeplive.co.uk are able to see just what can be done with this high quality reclaimed wood when expert designers and carpenters are let loose upon it!

Using reclaimed wood in interior design is a good way for eco-savvy people to demonstrate the benefits of a greener lifestyle and it has given rise to a major new movement in home décor. This newfound popularity is good news for the environment and it is also good news for the households that adhere to it, because solid wood furniture made from reclaimed wood is all about standing the test of time.

Minimising waste on such a wide scale acts as an excellent response to the effort put in by communities, councils and the government when it comes to educating the nation about greener ways of living. The use of reclaimed wood in design also puts an aesthetic twist on a practical ideal!

Those wishing to learn more about the role of reclaimed wood in interior design can do so by visiting http://www.eatsleeplive.co.uk.

Mark Godsell-Fletcher

SOURCE Eat Sleep Live Ltd.