A Great Smile is Always in Style; West Hills Smiles Helps Get Your Grin in Vogue

Your smile is a huge part of your first impression and the dentists at West Hills Smiles know how to make sure it best reflects your image and personality.

May 31, 2013, 14:08 ET from West Hills Smiles

WEST HILLS, Calif., May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It's pretty much accepted that a great first impression makes a person truly memorable, whether it's on a job interview or a first date. Of course, a person's smile is their biggest asset to a perfect first impression. All over the world, a gorgeous smile speaks volumes about a person's friendliness, beauty, and confidence. Pasha Hakimzadeh, DDS keeps this in mind as he operates out of his West Hills Smiles office. A West Hills dentist for many years, Dr. Pasha has worked alongside Ben Reyhani, DDS to bring a radiant smile makeover to each one of their patients. Dr. Pasha, USC School of Dentistry graduate and expert in restorative dentistry in West Hills, offers some TLC tips to maintain or beautify your smile.

"Not all teeth react the same to whitening toothpastes and over the counter treatments," says Dr. Pasha. "Everybody's base whiteness is different, too, because of genetics and because our teeth darken with age from absorbing color from food and drink." This means that brightening our smiles requires a different approach for every patient, depending on desired results. The treatment that gets the greatest results at West Hills Smiles is called power whitening. The procedure requires "two sessions of laser whitening at the office" with a custom-fit whitening tray to supplement the results. Dr. Pasha recommends these take-home kits in combination with in-office treatment, both for optimal results but also for "a quick lift before social events." In the case of a big event—let's say a wedding or important meeting—the trays can be used at home the few days before for some last minute whitening.

Dr. Pasha adds, "These trays are great when a patient can't make it into the office." Nonetheless, West Hills Smiles does offer quick whitening treatments for patients who want a bigger boost than the whitening trays. "We understand that things come up last minute and we've designed quick, long lasting procedures that are easy to fit in even when our schedules are packed—whether for emergency dental work or a quick cosmetic enhancement." In the case of whitening, for example, the West Hills Smiles office provides a professional whitening treatment that can instantly lighten up your smile a few shades in just one hour.

Perhaps your smile is white, but it's the straightness of your teeth that's causing you angst. The days of metal braces are long gone; Dr. Pasha believes in two minimally-invasive options to help the alignment of his patients' teeth. For crooked teeth and smaller gaps, a clear braces system that "uses thin, barely visible wires" is ideal. Older teens and adults can receive a custom-fit six months smile plan through the West Hills Office that uses these trays for amazing results. "The clear braces are hardly noticeable and can be removed—hopefully not too often—for eating and for the occasional special event," he notes.

For gaps and unevenly sized teeth, Dr. Pasha takes a different approach. Spaces can be filled through the use of thin sheets of resin and porcelain veneers, both of which are tooth-colored. This is a minimally-invasive procedure, which makes it less painful and quicker than traditional methods. "We often don't have to drill at all into teeth, but when we do, it's very minimal...the veneers are the size of a contact lens and bond quickly to natural teeth." Veneers can also correct certain bite issues.

Finally, Dr. Pasha strongly believes in biocompatible dentistry, using natural materials in lieu of the old-school style silver fillings. In fact, it's made a personal difference in his life. "I loved sweets as a kid, so my mouth was packed full of big metal fillings. These wear out over time and can stain and even crack your teeth from the inside out." It wasn't just a pain and sensitivity issue; it was a cosmetic one for Dr. Pasha. After all, the silver fillings can be distracting for some and many consider them to be dated, an obsolete relic from the 20th century. "A smile can be easily rejuvenated by replacing the old amalgam fillings with natural materials like resin or porcelain...You'd be surprised at the transformation."

Every case is different, of course, and Dr. Pasha always makes the best decision for each patient on a case-by-case basis. The end result is always to make his patients have more confidence in their teeth and in the first impressions they make. He concludes, "The happier our patients are with their smiles, the more they show them off. It's probably the best way West Hills Smiles can advertise."

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