A JoMI Video Article Used for Surgical Education in Haiti

May 13, 2015, 13:33 ET from Journal of Medical Insight

BOSTON, May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Haitian Annual Assembly of Orthopaedic Trauma (HAAOT) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti used a JoMI (Journal of Medical Insight, http://jomi.com) surgical video article to assist with education of local orthopedic residents. The article presented was a bimalleolar ankle fracture repair, one of the procedures filmed with Dr. Michael Weaver of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. 

The JoMI video article is available at: http://jomi.com/article/22.

The video article was presented at the HAAOT conference by expert American orthopaedic traumatologists, who lead a discussion around the case. Conference participants watched Dr. Weaver's case, frequently asking questions, discussing key points, and debating management strategies. Many participants expressed how the video screening added to the educational value of the conference, providing new opportunities to teach surgical techniques to doctors worldwide.

"The JoMI video screening was a huge success and a great addition to HAAOT 2015, and we look forward to including it in next year's agenda as well." said Heather Roberts, a research assistant for Dr. George Dyer.  Dr. Dyer is Program Director for the Harvard Combined Orthopedic Residency Program who, in addition to serving as course director for the conference, was conducting a study to assess the importance of video as a surgical educational tool.

Some of the world's leading surgeons work and teach at hospitals like Brigham and Women's Hospital, contributing their knowledge and experience to surgical education. However, surgical education and expertise are not always available in less developed countries such as Haiti or in hospitals distant from major medical centers.

JoMI is a unique surgical video journal/virtual operating theatre that addresses this need.

JoMI films conventional and uncommon surgical procedures at leading hospitals such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and other top institutions. The videos provide a comprehensive educational experience narrated by the performing surgeons, with detailed animations, step-by-step protocols, and other supporting materials. These videos are made available online for medical students, residents and physicians.

To read more about the event, please see the following JoMI blog post: http://blog.jomi.com/2015/05/13/jomi-used-in-haiti-for-surgical-education-haaot-2015-port-au-prince-haiti/

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SOURCE Journal of Medical Insight