A New Startup, ShopSimple is an Online Shopping Community for Shopaholics!

Jul 15, 2013, 13:18 ET from ShopSimple.com

HONG KONG, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Traditional shopping can be fun for people enjoying a day out, but let's face it, it's simply too time consuming to visit different shops to hunt down the best deal. With easy price comparisons, more selection and quick transactions, buying online has become the future of shopping. As e-commerce continues to thrive, more and more fashion brands have joined the online market to feed the growing demand. As a new startup, ShopSimple has taken a different approach to e-commerce through its unique social shopping service for women's fashion.

ShopSimple made its name in Hong Kong, where it was founded and more recently has been making waves in New York's Times Square, where it has been featured twice this year alone. The bright and unique fashion products featured on ShopSimple have impressed not only the citizens of New York but also women everywhere. With over a million Facebook fans, ShopSimple's goal is to connect shoppers with online stores from around the world to help build a community centered on easy global shopping.

How Does ShopSimple Work?

ShopSimple has the feel of Wanelo, with a variety of products featured in a visual scrolling stream. Yet in contrast to Wanelo, ShopSimple is purely focused on women's fashion, including main categories for dresses, heels, weddings, jewelry etc. Unlike other photo sharing sites such as Pinterest, ShopSimple's focal point is that everything on the site is available to purchase. You simply click "buy" on the product that you like and you'll be instantly re-directed to the item's original site.

As a global website, there's a huge selection of items to choose from. It's almost like you are visiting an online shopping mall, yet with the benefit of connecting shoppers with stores from any area. You also needn't worry about sorting through all the various currencies as there's a useful currency converter, making transactions simple for both shoppers and storeowners. With infinite choices, ShopSimple provides a fun and hassle free way to shop for women's fashion.  

By joining the ShopSimple community, users not only have the option to buy their favorite items, but they can also safely interact with other shoppers too. This interaction is content-oriented, with the main social action being the ability to share and save products. Users can easily share their desired fashion pieces on ShopSimple itself or post them to their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, with one simple click. Through ShopSimple's Facebook integration, online shoppers also have the option to login with their Facebook accounts, where they can invite their contacts to join. Now, users can go shopping with their friends without even leaving their bedrooms.

Due to its rapid growth, ShopSimple has become a networking site of its own thanks to its users regularly communicating with each other. By browsing and commenting on fashion items, sharing products and posting personal style collections, users can get feedback from other members who share a similar fashion sense. Another useful feature on ShopSimple is the site's 'Alert' and 'My Following' section, where most of the interactions take place. These handy alerts occur whenever someone follows/mentions you, saves your products, follows your collections or replies to your comments.

ShopSimple is a Great Value!

For Shoppers - One of the biggest benefits for using social shopping sites such as ShopSimple is that it provides women with a huge range of fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. There are thousands of affordable products added to ShopSimple every day, all of which are posted by users and organized into their specific categories and collections. The "Save" feature enables members to collect products they may want to purchase later, meaning all of their favorite items from different stores are stocked in one place. This "Save" for later tool is particularly beneficial for women who want to build a wish list of their most coveted products. By following, users can also focus on what their friends are buying and see what new items have been uploaded by their preferred stores.

For Retailers - Research has shown that social marketing is significantly more effective than any other form of promotion. Unlike traditional ads on social media websites, products featured on the ShopSimple network specifically engage shoppers with retailers. Active members use ShopSimple with shopping in mind and to identify potential purchases, making the site particularly business friendly for brands that want to expand at a fast rate.  Some sellers might even say it's easier to sell on ShopSimple than it is in their own shops.

As a social shopping site that focuses on women's fashion, ShopSimple has a strong appeal among young girls. Currently 99% of ShopSimple's users are women, with 90% under 24 years old. This has attracted some of the world's top retail stores to join ShopSimple to share their products, including fashion brands Free People and ASOS. Even sellers running small businesses on Etsy and eBay have gained a significant number of new followers on ShopSimple.

Most notably, brands also have the potential to go viral on ShopSimple. Through hash tags, products are quickly discovered and featured on ShopSimple's most popular trending pages, giving the items and brands maximum exposure. Being an open platform, users can post any items they've found online, so stores may even find that their products have been listed on ShopSimple before they've posted anything themselves. Many loyal customers just can't wait to share their favorite store's new products.

With benefits for both online shoppers and brands, ShopSimple will continue to set the pace for online shopping through their ability to offer a continuously positive, fun and affordable experience! To keep up to date with the latest news and fashion tips, be sure to follow ShopSimple blog, which features high quality articles on the latest trends and products regularly.

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