A New Way to Warranty: Upsie Eliminates Hassle and Huge Markup

New mobile app offers extended protection for thousands of products, with savings of 50 to 90 percent off traditional pricing

Nov 20, 2014, 09:00 ET from Upsie

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In the decades since extended warranties made their debut, there hasn't been a lot to love. The warranty industry's checkered reputation has included high prices, a "hard sell" from cashiers and murky terms and conditions. So, it's no surprise that more than 70 percent of customers decline to purchase extended warranties when buying personal electronics, appliances, tools and other high-value items, according to Warranty Week.

Now there's a better option with Upsie, a new mobile technology that reinvents and demystifies the warranty experience, so consumers can protect the products they love at prices they can afford. Just in time for holiday shopping, Upsie removes the pressure and hassle from buying a warranty at retail, where sellers mark up the cost of coverage as high as 150 percent or more.

"We all want to protect our investments in the things we love, whether it's a new television, a stainless steel refrigerator, or that riding lawn mower you've always wanted," said Clarence Bethea, founder and CEO of Upsie. "The process of selecting and managing extended warranty coverage should be just as rewarding as shopping for the products, and that's the inspiration behind Upsie—to give customers more choice and control over the process, but also ensure it's a fun and trouble-free experience."

Upsie, a free mobile application available for iOS and Android devices in the iTunes and Google Play stores, is a dependable and transparent connection between warranty providers and customers. Warranty coverage information and pricing options can be browsed by product category or by using the in-app scanning feature to scan a barcode while shopping. Warranties can be purchased directly through the app, and coverage information, including receipts, is all stored for easier management and tracking.

Upsie features include:

  • The same quality coverage that's sold at big-box stores or other providers, but at a 50 to 90 percent discount over traditional prices (depending on product).
  • Reliable protection through Upsie's partner, New Leaf Service Contracts, backed by A-rated insurance providers and offering a consistently high level of customer service.
  • A simple, intuitive interface for browsing, comparing and buying warranty plans for hundreds of products. Barcode scanning and search features allow users to compare and buy warranties while shopping, whether it's an in-store or online purchase.
  • A 60-day window to purchase coverage on a new product, instead of a hurried point-of-purchase decision. Simply buy the coverage needed, and then scan the receipt for proof of purchase. It's that easy.
  • No deductible on warranties, and only a $25 deductible for ADH coverage.
  • Tracking and reminder features that catalog all warranty purchases, receipts and claim instructions, while sending prompt notifications of expiring coverage. Say goodbye to a hodgepodge of file folders and shoeboxes that get turned upside-down whenever a claim is made.
  • Terms and conditions in plain English that clearly explain coverage limitations, claim processes and exclusions, so there are no surprises. In addition to protecting the products people love, Upsie also protects from legal mumbo-jumbo overload.

"Service businesses have moved from a 'customer is always right' mentality to a mantra of 'the customer is always in control,'" said Bethea. "Today, people use their mobile devices to get a ride, find a place to sleep for the night and even shop for groceries. Why, then, is the $40 billion warranty industry one of the last frontiers for an outdated business model? We believe Upsie is the next evolution of consumer empowerment through expanded choice, access and transparency."

All transaction information is stored via a secure, cloud-based payments system called Braintree—the same system used for other popular mobile transactions. This security allows users to initiate claims and manage other warranty-related needs via their mobile devices, without worrying about fraud or theft.

Upsie is now available in the Apple iTunes Store (for iOS 7xx or higher) or the Google Play store (for Android OS 4.1xx "Jelly Bean" or higher). To learn more about Upsie and the warranty industry, visit www.upsie.com.

About Upsie
Upsie is a free mobile application that puts the power of warranty decisions directly in the hands of consumers at their convenience. With its low markup and customer-focused approach, Upsie is revolutionizing the warranty industry by demystifying everything from shopping to buying and storing warranty information. Upsie champions customer empowerment and helps users protect the products that matter most to them, including personal electronics, home appliances, audio/visual equipment, video game consoles, lawn and garden tools, and more. Visit www.upsie.com to learn more.

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