A Nice Turn for Milanoo.com

Aug 03, 2013, 09:00 ET from Milanoo.com

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Milanoo, a global B2C themed apparel e-commerce group, has set up its strategic brand planning recently by subdividing its main website (milanoo.com) according to specialization, market evolutions and different customer requirements across the globe. It launched such themed vertical websites such as Lolitashow, Cosplayshow and Costumeslive. Meanwhile Milanoo.com has become more differentiated, specialized and scenario-based, paralleling with the three other themed websites. These four vertical websites under Milanoo highlight the specialization trend from different levels of products.

Milanoo.com is positioned to provide fashionable customer-tailored clothing with "passion for fashion" as its philosophy. Based on previous operations, such optimized websites have improved processing, such as product design, procurement, quality testing and marketing. Therefore it becomes more specialized and delivers fashionable, fluent and elegant brand personalities to customers.

You can procure the most fashionable styles and the best-selling design items on Milanoo.com's websites. As Matthieu emphasized, "to stay enthusiastic about fashion is the constant driving force for our design. Not only can romantic clothing interpret women's beauty, fashionable dresses of different styles can also showcase the individual moods of different women."

By the inspirations from designers, Milanoo.com attaches the most importance to quality. Through designers' desire for the "perfect curve" and innovative and precise tailoring craft, elegant dresses have been created. In order to impose more stringent standards on product quality, Milanoo added a quality control department last year, which is responsible for quality testing and check, so an elegant brand personality can be truly conveyed to every customer.

Milanoo puts "Dress different" as its marketing position, and tries to present an individual dressing experience to different customers. Adhering to such philosophy, Milanoo.com can deliver customizations to every customer across the world. A wide range of color and customer-made tailoring can make it so simple for you to distinguish yourself.

As a global on-line themed B2C clothing store, Milanoo boasts many subordinate websites in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, covering over 180 countries and regions and distributing products to 170 countries and regions worldwide. The company has an operation team to run the transnational online multi-language retailing of clothing and another team composed of professional costume designers. The company also has own data warehouse and supply chain system, supplying over a 100,000 fashionable apparel such as wedding dresses, cartoon costumes, tights, lady's footwear and bags, necklaces and accessories, home and outdoor clothes.

SOURCE Milanoo.com