A Resolution Worth Keeping: Ecela Makes Conversational Spanish Easy Through Immersive Experiences, Personalized Instruction

Jan 04, 2016, 08:35 ET from Ecela

SANTIAGO, Chile, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Many people have the ambition to learn a second language, but the challenge has seemed daunting, and traditional methods typically fail to impart the level of fluency expected. Ecela, an immersive language-learning program that combines personal instruction, practical knowledge and travel, has proven effective for people of all backgrounds, without the sticker shock associated with institutions.

With six locations in Peru, Chile and Argentina, Ecela offers students an in-culture experience that ordinary classroom instruction can't replicate. Classes are small, and the focus is squarely on conversation and cultural understanding. Students can spend their time at one location or move around freely.

The growth of the Spanish language in recent decades has been nothing short of remarkable. Spanish is a first or second language in 44 countries. Five hundred million people around the world speak Spanish as a first or second language, making it the third most spoken language, topped only by Chinese and English. On Facebook, the world's most popular social media network, 80 million people use Spanish regularly. Clearly, the benefits of learning the language extend beyond cultural appreciation. Spanish is well on its way to being a global language for business and communication that will rival Chinese and English in its reach.

Spanish had gained an equally impressive foothold in the U.S. By 2050, the nation will have more Spanish speakers than any other on Earth. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of Spanish speaker has grown by over 200% since 1980, and more non-Hispanics speak the language in households than any other. Spanish networks like Univision routinely post ratings that rival or excel other major networks.

To make 2016 an even better year to achieve fluency in Spanish, Ecela has created a "Fluency Plan" for those who seek to master the Spanish language. The standard program price is $5,970, but anyone signing up for the Fluency Plan during the New Year's Resolution special receives an immediate rebate of $1,057 – about the cost of airfare to South America.

When compared with language instruction at a tradition college or university, the value of Ecela's Fluency Plan is obvious. Tuition for a single class at a private institution is in the neighborhood of $5,000, and there's no guarantee of fluency. Ecela, on the other hand, enables students to study as long as necessary to achieve fluency. As with all other Ecela programs, students can attend a single school or move between schools at no extra charge. The program includes 20 lessons each week; 10 are premium, one-on-one meetings with instructors, and the other 10 are small classes of 4 or fewer students.

Current and former students have heaped praise on Ecela's innovative learning model. "My experience in Chile with ECELA was the best experience of my life," says Brazilian Brenda Melo. "The school is very good, and the staff is very friendly, kind and professional. I really liked all of the school trips, meet-ups and parties that I went to while I was there. I studied at Ecela for six weeks, and I learned quite a bit of Spanish with all of the instructors, who were really good.  Another thing that I liked was meeting people from different countries and cultures."

About Ecela

Ecela is a Spanish language-learning program with six sites in Peru, Chile and Argentina. Thousands of students from across the globe have taken advantage of the small classes and affordable tuition to learn Spanish while enjoying everything the local culture has to offer.


Corey Ann Seldon