A Revolution Has Begun--College Education is Now Free at World Education University as Student Loan Rates Double and Tuition Soars, WEU Offers a Solution

Jul 16, 2013, 10:00 ET from World Education University

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Education is free at World Education University (WEU, pronounced "We-You" www.theweu.com).  In addition to making tuition 100% free, WEU charges no fees for registration, course materials, exams, certificates or course completion. On-demand, self-paced, competency-based curriculum is available 24/7 to students worldwide. Enrollment at WEU is continual, and there are no course or program completion deadlines. Exclusive educational alliances will be announced in the near future. Founder, Chairman & CEO Curtis Pickering, who believes that "education is a human right," established WEU "to address a global education crisis that is one of the most culture-threatening problems society has ever faced."

At a time when student loan rates have doubled and tuition continues to skyrocket, WEU's education model is a game changer. It is a scalable, sustainable solution designed to keep up with the demands of our ever accelerating information society, and meet the needs of vast numbers of global consumers prevented from accessing a quality education because of economic barriers, work and family obligations, and location restrictions. 

WEU President Dr. Jim Waddell earned two degrees at Duke University and received his D.Phil., FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts) at Oxford University. "I've worked my whole academic life to lower barricades to higher education," says Waddell. "By making college education completely free, WEU is neutralizing the main barrier of cost. A revolution is taking place." 

WEU's curriculum spans the education gap between traditional, high-cost colleges and universities and today's job market, offering programs that are responsive to industry-defined job competencies and skill sets. More than 50 courses have been launched, and more than 700 are in quality assurance reviewCurriculum is in development on an ongoing basis, and WEU deans are constantly identifying expert course developers to design new classes integrating knowledge and technology, which are regularly reviewed by academic and technology staff to monitor quality and rigor of subject matter, learning design, and assessment process. To provide free on-demand education without any government financial support, assistance or constraints, WEU applies the commercials-for-content models used on both TV and the Internet.

WEU students must agree to the "WEU Pay It Forward Pledge™," which asks them--along with WEU employees--to apply their knowledge to change the world for the better. "We're a for-profit company with a non-profit mission," says Pickering. "By offering free education through innovative technologies, WEU enables people to improve themselves and their socio-economic conditions.  At the same time, we inspire them with the social justice mission of personal humanitarianism.  We have companies with whom we partner to embrace that purpose.  What we hope for is a multitude of people actively engaged and doing good things."

For more information or to register: http://www.theweu.com/

SOURCE World Education University