A Revolutionary Way to Invest in Promising Individuals - or even in Yourself!

Introducing INTERKEX: The Free Market for "Unfair Advantages"

May 14, 2015, 09:02 ET from INTERKEX

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- If you could share in a promising individual's future income in exchange for favors that cost you little or nothing to do, would you?

If you were an entrepreneur or salesperson, would you be willing to trade away a small percentage of your income in exchange for a game-changing favor – like a referral to a multi-million dollar customer?

What if you didn't have to pay anything in years when your income is less than $100,000?

Or $1,000.000

Bill Matson, CEO of BrainFutures.com, Inc. and its International Karma Exchange division (INTERKEX), is betting you would.

Matson is a retired CPA with Harvard MBA, CFA, and CFP credentials. He believes that those who participate in a businessperson's income are far more likely to buy from and refer valuable opportunities to that person. "In competitive markets," says Matson, "income sharing can provide huge unfair advantages."  

To demonstrate, he is using his personal finances. For 10 years, he'll pay INTERKEX up to 10% of his annual taxable income over a $100,000 threshold that adjusts annually for inflation. In his case, 90% of these INTERKEX payments will be distributed to favor-givers. 

"My Wish List of favors," he explains, "focuses on personal introductions to people helpful to INTERKEX  – like referrals to potential investors, strategic partners, employees, and journalists. Within broad guidelines, INTERKEX members develop their own Wish Lists and offer whatever income percentages, thresholds, and durations they please."     

Members seeking favors ("Proteges") credit favor-givers ("Patrons") with "Karma Points."  INTERKEX will distribute cash annually to Matson's Patrons in proportion to the cumulative number of Karma Points he awards each of them over time. Consequently, Karma Points awarded today can pay off for years to come.

Each Protege can award a fixed number of points per month. In months when Patrons aren't helpful, Proteges can give some or all of these points to themselves, reducing their future payment obligations. 

Though Proteges can allocate points however they want, there is incentive to award them in proportion to the value of favors received. Says Matson, "From the Patron's perspective, doing a favor is a 'casting of bread upon the waters' with no guarantee of return. But if a Patron does me a favor and I don't award the points it deserves, I shouldn't expect that Patron's help in the future."

Continues Matson, "If a favor worth $1000 to Person A would cost Person B $10 to do and it doesn't get done, they have collectively lost $990.  INTERKEX allows members to avoid these losses, while providing a totally new way for Proteges to benefit today from the value of their future earnings."

The value of individuals' future earnings is often referred to as "human capital," and it accounts for about 75% of America's economic wealth – $700 trillion in 2006, according to International Monetary Fund economists. Only a small percentage of Americans' human capital may currently be accessed, though, typically through loans with appallingly high interest rates.

Explains Matson, "INTERKEX gives members the ability to issue and spend Karma Points, a virtual currency backed by their future earnings power – like Bitcoin, but backed with real economic substance. If I have inflation-adjusted taxable income of $200,000 a year for the next ten years, each Karma Point I award this year will earn my Patrons roughly $2.20 plus inflation between now and the expiration of my commitment."  

This isn't Matson's first venture into economic self-experimentation. He also co-authored Data Driven Investing, a refutation of conventional investment wisdom featuring an experiment with his personal portfolio.  Available free through Google Books, it includes Fidelity brokerage statements documenting the portfolio's performance - 788% returns and gains exceeding $3 million between July 2000 and March 2004. He emphasizes, however, that past performance does not guarantee future results.

To assure orderly network growth, INTERKEX is allowing prospective Patrons and Proteges to join by invitation only. There's no charge to join.

Visit www.interkex.com to request your invitation.