A Showcase of Chinese Audio Products: USING to Debut at CES 2016

Jan 05, 2016, 09:00 ET from USING

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Held every January since 1967 in Las Vegas, the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has gradually become an international expo for various major manufacturers to showcase new products and for digital enthusiasts to understand the dynamics of the industry.

CES 2016, which is set to open on January 6, 2016, will feature products by over 2,000 of the world's manufacturers, including many smart hardware brands from China. Audio products have played an important role at CES, and enthusiasm for such products has remained high since the first iteration of the show.

Before the launch of CES 2016, Chinese audio manufacturers have attracted much attention from the rest of the world. Renowned Chinese brand HiFiMAN's HE-560 ortho dynamic headphones scored the CES Innovation Award for Headset Products. Long-standing Chinese manufacturers such as HiVi and Edifier will be releasing new products at CES 2016, while other Chinese brands will also attempt to divert attention from major international manufacturers.

Tianna will also be presenting USING, its own branded second-generation microphone. According to the technical specifications released by Tianna, USING is a new-type directive moving coil type microphone with a wireless audio dynamic range (DNR) of over 98dB, a distortion degree of under 0.5%, a frequency response of 50Hz~15KHz and an effective distance of approximately 10 meters, outperforming other domestic and foreign-made microphones in its class. Compared with the first-generation model, USING provides a clear, solid and full sound with excellent noise reduction. In addition, USING's exclusive real-time back-to-ear technology gives users an enhanced karaoke experience. It is believed that this second-generation Tianna microphone product to be showcased at CES 2016 will feature a lower price-performance ratio than its first-generation predecessor.

While China-made audio products place more emphasis on sound quality, their design also has an international influence. It has been reported that TONE+ 2016 Bluetooth stereo headset, which LG plans to launch at the coming CES, has been utilized an ultra-light design with further reduced thickness. Unlike international manufacturers that follow the latest trends, Chinese manufacturers hope to revive and reshape the spirit of craftsmanship in this important transformative era for "Made-in-China", pursuing detail-oriented excellence. USING is primarily designed by prestigious designer Li Jiafang, four-time recipient of IF and Red Dot awards. Made with ABS engineering plastics, its grip and appearance have definite international appeal.

Prior to the launch of the CES 2016, the industry has predicted that WiFi and hi-fi will become the main theme for audio products at the event. Home entertainment accessories build on a cloud platform based on home WiFi. This emerging model is more suitable for the modern family to enjoy music and karaoke. Making family entertainment easier and more diverse is the only way for well-known manufacturers to see greater development. In addition to ensuring improvement in the overall sound quality of their products, these manufacturers need to make better use of modern technology to create better solutions for users.

In addition to the usual large international audio manufacturers, Chinese manufacturers will also launch products which are more accessible and suitable for consumer-level users. Second-generation Tianna microphone USING features a simpler connection method and more convenient and accurate matching, giving the microphone large DNR and high fidelity. With its affordable price and international-level quality, USING has generated strong interest from many users well before the CES 2016. Attendees are welcome to visit the SOUTH4 #35411 TOPOWER USA booth to personally experience the new USING microphone.

In addition, audio products by Chinese manufacturers appearing at the CES 2016, including voice-controlled connection, comprehensive smart home and the cloud platform home entertainment system are sure to make their mark as well as satisfy the needs of various tech enthusiasts.

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