A Strategic Outlook for the Global Glass Packaging Market to 2026

Aug 31, 2016, 04:30 ET from Commodity Inside Ltd

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The global glass packaging market has been passing through a difficult time. On one side it has been cannibalised by alternative packaging materials such as plastic and metal; while on the other side some of its attributes such as convenience and high costs restraining its growth in the mass container market. Commodity Inside expects that glass packaging will forgo a small proportion of its market share to its competitors over the next ten years. We have seen a number of glass packaging producers closing their facilities due to high capital required for their operations to be competitive. Moreover, some multinational companies ceased their operations due to stiff competition from local players, for instance Owens-Illinois (O-I) wind up a significant proportion of its production capacity in the Chinese market.

Commodity Inside expects that cost cutting strategy will remain a norm in the glass packaging industry. Producers in the mass container market will continue to sell on low margins to maintain their volumes elevated, which will be a very unsustainable strategy resulting market distortions and further reductions in profits. Commodity Inside expects that producers of premium, super premium and prestige containers products -particularly for beverage and personal care markets- will continue to command relatively higher margins. However, their products also need to be innovative, cost effective and adopt the changing market dynamics.

Besides downside risks and ongoing tough conditions in the glass packaging market, a number of expansion plans are lined up and new facilities are expected to come online in various regions. Commodity Inside has identified a number of regions and countries where there are still huge potential for growth through Greenfield, Brownfield or M&A.


This report is a valuable resource necessary for understanding the current global glass packaging market and its future direction. Commodity Inside has analysed the glass packaging market from a very robust and detailed perspectives, and used both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approaches for assessing the market and its dynamics. The report addresses the following key issues:

  • How China will impact the global glass packaging industry with its over 1000 glass packaging producers and surplus capacity?
  • What Iran is going to offer to the global glass packaging market after sanctions lifted?
  • Why local producers are giving hard time to large multinationals in the mass container market?
  • Vertical integration or outsourcing: a changing paradigm in buyers and suppliers markets.
  • The emergence of new suppliers and their penetration strategies.
  • Current and future strategies of glass packaging producers.
  • Why profit margins will further squeeze and volumes decline in the industry?
  • Where to invest- mass or premium container markets?
  • What major trends, challenges and developments will emerge over the next ten years?
  • Which end use sectors will be driving demand for glass packaging and what will be the major driving forces in each sector?
  • The future direction of the glass packaging and its stiff competition with alternative packaging types
  • Discussions on the present and future performance of the matured and developing countries.
  • Which regions/countries are the growth markets and what they will be offering to domestic and multinationals?

A Strategic Outlook for the Global Glass Packaging Market to 2026 covers the following: 

  • A full coverage of the global glass packaging market in both volume and value terms
  • Detailed profiles of 50 nationals markets showing various statistics such as demand for glass packaging, per capita glass packaging consumption, macroeconomic indicators, etc
  • Analysis of 5 end use sectors: Beverage, Food, Healthcare, Personal care and Others
  • 194 tables and charts
  • List of over 500 glass packaging producers in 83 countries
  • Exports and imports statistics of glass packaging in volume and value terms for 176 countries
  • All supportive data are available in Excel

To learn more about 'A Strategic Outlook for the Global Glass Packaging Market to 2026' report please visit https://commodityinside.com/reports/a-strategic-outlook-for-the-global-glass-packaging-market-to-2026/

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