A Target Too Far?: China's Ambitions for Electric Vehicle Development

Nov 24, 2011, 05:25 ET from Reportlinker

NEW YORK, Nov. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

A target too far?: China's ambitions for electric vehicle development


This special report provides an assessment of China's future market for electric vehicles, as well as its future production capabilities. The report combines the EIU's in-depth automotive expertise with insights gained from interviews with leading automotive executives.

How this content can help you

This special report will allow you to answer the following critical questions about China's electrical vehicles (EV) ambitions:

* What are the key factors influencing China's EV supply and demand?

* What are China's chances of meeting its ambitious development plans?

* What are the barriers that may prevent China from reaching its EV goals?

* Does China need to expand its definition of EV to include some low-speed vehicles?

* How do China's EV plans compare with those of other countries, such as the US?

* What effect will China's EV plans have on carmakers' own investment plans

What this service includes

This special report offers in-depth analysis and forecasts on the following key topics:

China's political environment for electric vehicles (EV)

* Environmental factors behind the country's EV ambitions

* Government's targets for EV sales and production

* Existing and future legislation, including debates over subsidies and definitions

* Ongoing pilot programmes

* Central government control over local government policies

Supply side of the EV industry

* Progress in developing domestic EV technology

* Foreign carmakers' EV launch plans

* Investment in EV infrastructure

* China's natural advantages for EV components

Demand side of the EV industry

* The current market for Evs, including E-bikes and low-speed Evs

* Factors favourable to future EV demand

* Constraints on EV demand, including income constraints

* The match-to-market in rural as opposed to urban areas

Predictions for the future

* Opinions from senior automotive executives about China's chances of meeting its production and sales targets


2 Executive summary

5 High ambitions: Government targets for the EV sector

6 Overall targets by 2010

7 Good grounds: The regulatory and legislative environment

7 Government control

7 Five-Year Plan

8 The new energy vehicle plan

9 EV pilot programmes

11 How China's efforts compare

12 Conclusion: The government will struggle to implement its policies

13 Slim supply: Current EV production

13 Production targets

13 Domestic carmakers

16 Conclusion: The most critical barrier to growth is on the supply side

18 Bits and pieces: The EV components industry

18 Rare earth and lithium reserves

19 Conclusion: China could lose its innate advantages

21 Short circuits: Infrastructure investment

21 Plug-in recharging infrastructure

22 Battery swapping

22 Standardisation

23 Electricity supply

24 Conclusion: Establishing recharging infrastructure for EVs will be a huge task

25 Driving demand: China's car market

25 The new car market

26 Market restrictions

27 Government purchasing

27 Market dynamics

30 Story so far: EV sales

30 Hybrid sales

31 Low-speed EVs

32 Conclusion: Affordability will be crucial

34 Power drive: The effect of regional disparities

34 Forecasting growth in China's regions

35 Urban demand

36 Rural demand

37 Conclusion: Full EVs will remain rare in rural China

38 Conclusion: China is unlikely to meet government targets

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Clean Vehicle Industry: A target too far?: China's ambitions for electric vehicle development

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