A Vote YES on I-1105 Means Fewer Liquor Stores in Washington State; Opposition Group Accused of False Claims

Oct 12, 2010, 14:16 ET from YES on I-1105

SEATTLE, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite claims to the contrary, Initiative 1105 will automatically reduce number of locations that sell alcohol. Looking at the facts of the liquor privatization initiatives on the ballot this year, it's hard to imagine how something so simple could be read so wrong.

The language of I-1105 requires the state to close nearly 300 stores that currently sell alcohol. Qualified retailers currently selling alcohol (beer and wine) would have the opportunity to apply for a license to sell a wider variety of products.

Recently, the Association of Washington Cities, in conjunction with the Protect Our Communities campaign, has released false numbers. The number of retail outlets selling alcohol is actually reduced when the state liquor stores are closed.  

The result will be fewer retail operations being inspected by the same number of liquor agents – which should lead to better oversight of beer, wine and alcohol sales.

Just do the math. Look at their pdf of the number of retailers with liquor licenses and state-run stores in every Washington city. Take the eligible number of retailers (those currently selling alcohol) and subtract the state store number. So that huge explosion of liquor store locations the opposition is talking about is actually a reduction!

Big Beer is pouring money into this campaign and using misleading tactics. Liquor store retailers won't increase; stores will close and private businesses will have a wider variety and selection of spirits, beer and wine to offer consumers.

"As a former police officer, I take public safety very seriously," said Rep. Al O'Brien. "I-1105 will privatize state liquor sales, but keeps the Liquor Control Board intact and able to focus on preventing underage consumption and general overconsumption, as well as making sure there isn't a massive expansion of liquor retail outlets. Under Initiative 1105, licenses to sell spirits will only go to qualified retailers who meet stringent requirements through a licensing application process."

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