A Whole New User Experience With Wireless USB DisplayDock Set for MacBooks

The Wireless USB DisplayDock Set for Mac Platforms will be offered by 4 OEM vendors in the end of March 2010

Feb 08, 2010, 09:42 ET from Wisair

CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Wisair, a leading provider of single-chip based UWB and Wireless USB solutions, announced today the availability of its Wireless USB DisplayDock Set solution for Mac OS, enabling MacBook owners to enjoy a whole new user experience.

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The Wireless USB DisplayDock Set for MacBooks will be offered by 4 OEM vendors in the end of March 2010:  Lenexpo (Atlona), Source R&D (Warpia) and Cables Unlimited in the USA and Olidata in Europe.  Demonstrations will be held in MacWorld 2010 show in San Francisco in Atlona's and Wisair's booths.

While enjoying the mobility of MacBook platforms, users can now also enjoy a convenient working environment at their home or at the office. The Wireless USB DisplayDock Set allows users to easily connect their MacBook to their desktop environment, consisting of a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse, with a single adapter that connects to a USB port on the MacBook.  

MacBook platforms do not have VGA or DVI connectors, which are the most common connectors in monitors and for a complete desktop environment, Mac users therefore need today to connect at least 4 cables/adapters: (1) a mini-Displayport or mini-DVI to VGA or DVI adapter cable (2) USB cable for the keyboard (3) USB cable for the mouse (4) yet another cable for the audio.

Wisair's Wireless USB DisplayDock solution allows Mac users to connect to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, via a single wireless link with a single adapter that connects to a USB port, available in ALL MacBook platforms. Bearing in mind that there are very limited docking solutions for MacBook platforms available today, this solution offers a whole new user experience with plug and play operation and enhanced convenience.

Amongst Wisair's customers that are currently shipping Wireless USB products are Lenexpo (Atlona), Source R&D (Warpia) and  Cables Unlimited in the USA, Fujitsu, XEL (Q-Waves), Hama, Olidata, Digicom, Display Solutions and More Monitors in Europe and Witech in Korea. The availability of Mac OS support in addition to Windows OS support allows these customers to further expand their offering to MacBook users.

User's Benefits:

  • Convenience – enjoy the MacBook mobility as well as the convenience of a large monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers while at home or at the office.
  • Complete - a single adapter that transfers everything (the video, audio and input devices), wirelessly.
  • Simplicity – does not require any network know-how or network configuration. Install the software once, plug in the MacBook adapter to a USB port available in ALL Mac platforms and go.
  • Performance – no delay for keyboard, mouse or audio and crisp and clear images delivered with fast and reliable Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio and Wireless USB protocol.
  • Security - pre-paired adapters to ensure secure transmissions over a 128 bit encrypted link.

Wireless USB Solutions Key Features:  

  • Point to point wireless connectivity based on reliable UWB radio link.
  • Universal solution for MacBook platforms with an adapter that connects to a single USB port available in ALL Mac platforms, for audio, video, keyboard and mouse.
  • Connectivity from anywhere in the room, with distances of up to 30 ft.
  • Pre-paired adapters for hassle-free, plug and play operation.
  • High speed connectivity that does not load the WiFi network in the office or at home and does not degrade its performance, for simultaneous operation and display of Internet content.
  • Wireless audio and video (up to 1440x1050 screen resolution).
  • Mac Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6) OS support.

Supporting Quotes

David Yaish, President and CEO, Wisair:

"Wisair is pleased to broaden its solutions portfolio and enable its OEM customers to offer products for MacBook platforms. Our Wireless USB DisplayDock solution enables new connectivity options that are either unavailable today or require a bunch of wires, turning them impractical. MacBook users can now enjoy wireless docking for convenient working environment in the office or at home. We are excited to see the huge acceptance of our Wireless USB solutions and we will be offering additional solutions later this year."

Marc Levaggi, Vice President, Source R&D (Warpia):

"Warpia is building upon its successful launch of its Wisair based Wireless Laptop to HDTV devices in 2009 with the launch of our new DisplayDock product. Not only are we expanding our Wireless USB product line, but for the first time now have Mac compatibility built into our product portfolio.  MacBook customers for the first time now have an easy to use, plug and play, wireless docking station solution for their home or office."

Michael Khain, Product Manager, Lenexpo (Atlona):

"The HDAiR we've been offering in the past months, using Wisair's technology, is such a universal product for both the computer and video industry. Now we are launching yet another universal product that is available also for Mac users. This product enables a level of wireless connectivity previously unavailable on OSX platforms. The Wireless DisplayDock provides Mac users enhanced convenience in their working space and Atlona is very excited about offering it."

Ben Hunter, President and CEO, Cables Unlimited™:

"We are excited to include the Mac community.  Why should PC users be the only ones having all the fun?  Our Wireless USB connectivity based on Wisair's solution gives the user tremendous convenience as it eliminates cables, and works flawlessly up to a 30' range.  It's easy to set up and provides plug and play connectivity. We are thrilled with our other Wireless USB product's success and look forward to continued growth in this category."

Wisair @ Mac World 2010

At the coming Mac World (February 9th-13th in San Francisco), Wisair will demonstrate its wireless solutions for MacBook and MacBook Pro platforms including the InFocus Wireless System (booth #885). To schedule a meeting at Mac World please send a meeting request to:  macw2010@wisair.com

Atlona @ Mac World 2010

Atlona will be featuring their newest Apple related products at this year's Mac World expo in booth #1646 including their HDAiR wireless USB to HDMI device (now fully OSX compatible). To schedule a meeting with Atlona Technologies, please contact jcarlson@atlona.com

About Wisair:

Wisair is a fabless semiconductor company providing Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB solutions based on its CMOS single chip. Wisair's solutions offer the best combination of performance, price, and power consumption for UWB and Wireless USB products. For more information about Wisair and about products based on our technology visit: http://www.wisair.com/shop/

About Atlona Technologies:

Atlona Technologies is a solution based manufacturer of Audio Visual Accessories including Cabling, Extension, Splitting, Switching, and Conversion products. Atlona is known for delivering professional quality products at an affordable price range serving Consumer, Commercial, and Professional Broadcast markets. For more information, visit http://www.Atlona.com/

About Source R&D (Warpia):

Source R&D, Inc. is one of the world's premier technology providers and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company.  Specializing in emerging technologies and innovations, Source R&D serves as a vital link in the technology value chain. Source R&D, Inc. creates sales and profitability opportunities for OEMS, ODMs, vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, logistics services, backend support, financial services and product aggregation and distribution. For additional details, visit Source R&D web site at http://www.sourcerandd.com or the Warpia Website at www.Warpia.com

About Cables Unlimited

Cables Unlimited offers the ultimate quality, brands and advanced technologies in cables and accessories. The company's broad line of connectivity products is the perfect one-stop solution for meeting all of your needs while addressing the requirements of current and anticipated system standards to achieve the manufacturers' intended high level of performance in all areas including: Audio; Video; Computer; Gaming; Wireless Speakers; Power; Mobility Solutions; HDTV Multi Media Systems and Wireless USB products. For more information visit http://www.cablesunlimited.com/

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