A1 Investimentos innovates and acts as a pioneer in the fund industry by joining Assembleias Online

Dec 03, 2013, 15:11 ET from Assembleias Online

SAO PAULO, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Reiterating its commitment to clients and seeking to implement an improved, more efficient corporate governance strategy in its management process, A1 Investimentos has innovated by joining the Assembleias Online platform, a portal developed by MZ Group through which investors can participate remotely in the meetings of the companies/funds in which they have a stake.

"By joining this tool, we seek to increase our transparency and facilitate the decision-making process, especially for structured funds that we plan to open in 2014. Historically, the level of participation in meetings, in the fund industry, is low, and that is why we decided to include investors in this process in a practical, safe and efficient way," said Marcos T. Machado Junior, Partner of A1 Investimentos.

For Denys Roman, Partner of MZ Group, "Assembleias Online will enable access for A1 Investimentos investors—both national and international—to all documents made available by the company or by the fund, as well as electronic and remote voting on each item on the agenda of the meeting, in addition to other corporate governance benefits."

Learn more about this platform on www.assembleiasonline.com.br.

About A1 Investimentos: A1 Investimentos is the asset management arm of A1 Advisors, a financial service group divided into two business areas; A1 Investimentos (Asset Management) and A1 Capital (Corporate Advisory). In the Asset Management area, A1 offers its own funds, structures Exclusive Funds and Wealth & Succession Planning as well. In the Corporate Advisory area, A1 helps in Fundraising through Structured Operations (CRI/CCI/CCB/FII/FIP/FIDC/Debentures), Debt Restructuring and Mergers & Acquisitions. Focused on innovation, customized services, and building long term relationships, A1 seeks to offer tailor-made solutions to meet its clients' needs.

About MZ Group (www.mzgroup.com/br): MZ Group, an Attitude company, is the world's largest independent investor relations company and the leading consulting firm in financial market communications innovation. Founded in 1999, it became a Brazilian multinational with headquarters in Sao Paulo and offices in Austin, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, Sydney, Taipei and Vancouver. Its services include strategic consulting, perception and market studies, IPO preparations, coaching for executives and board members on relations with the capital market, planning and implementing global financial communications programs, identifying shareholder and debt-holder bases, investor targeting and non-deal roadshows, among others. It also maintains an innovative technological and content generating platform comprising websites, webcasts, tablet and smartphone applications, CRM and on-line general meetings, as well as the creation of content for annual corporate and sustainability reports, legal and financial translations and legal publicity. Recently, MZ Group was rated the seventh favorite IR consulting firm in the world and fourth in Asia by IR Magazine.

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