A24 Media Offers a Free to Air Piece on: Takaba Drought Response Project, Delivering Water Saving Lives

Mar 04, 2011, 01:43 ET from A24 Media

NAIROBI, Kenya, March 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- For years, people living in North Eastern Kenya have suffered drought- related calamities and their cries have often fallen on deaf ears. Thousands have died owing to scarcity of food, shortage of water and their livestock rotting to bare carcasses. The people of Takaba can now afford to smile as the Kenya Red Cross Society finally heeds their call.

Takaba lies in the arid region of Mandera West district in North-Eastern Kenya. The harsh temperatures combined with the extreme evaporation make this area best suited to nomadic pastoralism. Kenya is still recovering from a devastating drought that lasted two years and Takaba was one of the areas hardest hit.

In 2009, Kenya Red Cross Society implemented the Takaba Drought Response Project with support from the Norwegian government and other partners. The main objective of the project was to build a 13-kilometre extension pipeline from an existing borehole in Dahani II to Takaba town, providing the population of 23,600 people with a permanent source of water.



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