AACU, AUA Establish New UROPAC Affiliation Agreement

Sep 26, 2012, 05:55 ET from Large Urology Group Practice Association

LINTHICUM, Md., Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American Association of Clinical Urologists (AACU) announced the establishment of a new agreement for UROPAC, the only political action committee (PAC) dedicated to the interests of the nation's urologists. This new memorandum serves to enhance the joint ownership of the PAC by the AACU and the AUA, and establishes a new seven-member Board, which includes equal representation from both the AACU and the AUA, as well as the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA). Under the agreement, each organization will have two representatives, with the UROPAC Chair being appointed by the AACU.

The new UROPAC Board will be chaired by Dr. Gary Kirsh, who is joined by three other officers: Vice Chair Dr. Jim Ulchaker (AUA), Secretary Dr. David Green (AUA) and Treasurer Dr. Arthur Tarantino (AACU). Rounding out the Board are Dr. Jeff Frankel (AACU), Dr. Deepak Kapoor (LUGPA) and Dr. Peter Knapp (LUGPA).

"UROPAC was founded by the AACU in 1992 and has been an effective voice for urology. The PAC continued to grow size and influence after partnering with the AUA in 2003," said AACU President Dr. Arthur Tarantino. "The addition of LUGPA to the PAC Board will capitalize on the strengths that all three organizations bring to the federal legislative advocacy arena."

"We are proud of all AUA and AACU members that have gotten involved with UROPAC," said Dr. Dennis Pessis, AUA President. "We encourage everyone to ensure the future of urology by supporting this political action committee and are pleased with LUGPA's affiliation with UROPAC."

"We are pleased to make our affiliation with UROPAC official and welcome the new change," said Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor, LUGPA President and Chairman and CEO of Integrated Medical Professionals, PLLC. "This makes it clear that national urological organizations speak in a unified voice on issues that affect patients with genitourinary disease."

About AACU
The AACU is the only national organization to serve urology with the sole purpose of promoting and preserving the professional autonomy and financial viability of each of its members. AACU's resources are dedicated to inform members of the issues affecting their practice and profession, and then to work directly to influence the resolutions of these issues. Forty-five percent of all urologists nationwide are members of the AACU.

About AUA
Founded in 1902 and headquartered near Baltimore, Maryland, the American Urological Association is a leading advocate for the specialty of urology, and has more than 18,000 members throughout the world. The AUA is a premier urologic association, providing invaluable support to the urologic community as it fosters the highest standards of urologic care through education, research and formulation of health policy.

LUGPA represents 115 large urology group practices in the United States, with more than 2,000 physicians who make up more than 20 percent of the nation's practicing urologists. LUGPA and its member practices are committed to best practices, research, data collection, and benchmarking to promote quality clinical outcomes.

UROPAC is the only political action committee dedicated exclusively to advancing the public policy interests of urology.  UROPAC is co-sponsored by the AUA and the AACU.

SOURCE Large Urology Group Practice Association