AbandonAid Announces New Software Release Featuring Global Multi-Language, Multi-Currency Support for Asia and More

Release includes universal multi-language and multi-currency support, enabling online retailers worldwide to benefit from AbandonAid's cart recovery technology

Jan 21, 2014, 14:09 ET from AbandonAid

NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel, January 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

AbandonAid, the ecommerce industry's fastest-growing provider of cart and process abandonment solutions, announced today details of their latest software release for Q1 2014. For the first time, online merchants working in virtually any language or currency will now be able to use AbandonAid's popular cart abandonment solution without any customization work required for implementation. This multi-language release supports all European languages (Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc.) plus Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, and more.

AbandonAid's technology is engineered to identify and support global languages and currencies on the fly. Through our snippet of code, the system automatically recognizes abandonments from any webpage in any region, language, and currency. Unlike other abandonment solutions that require heavy customizations to accommodate non-US and European markets, AbandonAid reaches far beyond the English-speaking world, which is a critical breakthrough particularly for the Asian and Latin American markets that are now undergoing significant ecommerce expansion.

Ecommerce has accelerated globally in recent years, especially in Asia and Pacific Rim countries that now account for 32% of global ecommerce sales, according to PayPal and Mastercard. In China, for example, Bain & Co. reports that shoppers spent $213 billion online in 2013 alone. However, as sales have grown, so too has cart abandonment.

"We designed our platform to meet the needs of online merchants in any region using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in real time and at massive scale," said James Oppenheim, CEO of AbandonAid. "To be clear, our vision means more than just accommodating a large volume of users. It also includes geographic scale and multilingual expansion."

Furthermore, Mr. Oppenheim added, "The Asian market especially is experiencing explosive growth, and we're delighted that ecommerce has penetrated retail for hundreds of millions of consumers. AbandonAid is proud to meet the needs of merchants and credit card processors worldwide, as it is our mission to recover sales for any site around the globe quickly, easily, and effectively."

Ecommerce merchants globally can now benefit from AbandonAid's state-of-the-art technologies and data-full reporting. Setup is simple and quick, and the AbandonAid self-service platform and dashboard was built from the ground up for ease of use. Merchants can configure and design their cart recovery campaigns in any language, allowing for improved remarketing and increased revenue.

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AbandonAid was founded in 2012 to conquer one of the biggest problems in ecommerce today: cart abandonment. Today, AbandonAid is the industry's fastest-growing provider of abandoned cart and process abandonment solutions. In addition, AbandonAid powers CartGrader™, a first-to-market diagnostic tool providing web stores with rich actionable data insights around their abandonment problems and checkout processes. AbandonAid offers US$500 in recovered sales for free just to try the service, with no obligation or credit card required. For more information, visit http://www.abandonaid.com.

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