Abaxis Receives CLIA Waiver For Capillary Sampling For Cholesterol, HDL And Triglycerides

U.S. Healthcare Professionals Now Can Perform Lab-Accurate Lipid and Liver Diagnostics with a simple fingerstick using the Piccolo® Blood Chemistry Analyzer.

Mar 28, 2014, 08:00 ET from Abaxis, Inc.

UNION CITY, Calif., March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Abaxis, Inc. (NasdaqGS: ABAX), a medical products company manufacturing point-of-care blood analysis systems, today announced the Food and Drug Administration granted CLIA waived status for capillary draw for CHOL, HDL and TRIG.  Combined with existing CLIA waived tests for liver diagnostics using capillary samples, Abaxis now has two complete Lipid Panels which can be used by healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and monitor hyperlipidemia patients using a sample obtained from either venous blood or a capillary draw. 

Obtaining CLIA waived status for capillary sampling is an important step in bringing comprehensive care closer to the patients in the U.S.  With the new cholesterol guidelines released by the American Heart Association last November, which reduced statin medication thresholds, healthcare professionals, health screeners, pharmacy/retail health chains and occupational health organizations can have lab-accurate lipid, liver, glucose and triglyceride diagnostic results in 12 minutes without the need for a certified phlebotomist.  Now the estimated 13 million more Americans who will be eligible for cholesterol-lowering medications can be assured of quick and accurate lab results to help diagnose and monitor their treatment progress.

"The FDA's granting of our CLIA waiver applications for capillary-obtained lipids is an important step to improving the healthcare system," said Clint Severson, chairman and chief executive officer of Abaxis, Inc. "We all know that high cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other serious afflictions.  The key to lower healthcare costs is catching these problems early, before the real and expensive damage is done.  Now healthcare professionals can do a simple fingerstick to diagnose, treat and monitor hyperlipidemia patients with greater ease than ever."

"Abaxis is also now the only company that provides a capillary or venous CLIA waived Lipid and Liver panel to monitor statin medications at the point-of-care," Severson added. "Cholestech took their liver function tests off the market last year, leaving the Piccolo as the sole trusted provider of on-site statin-monitoring blood chemistry diagnostics."

With the Piccolo delivering lab-accurate blood chemistry results on-site in minutes, physicians can make confident treatment decisions while the patient is in their office, thereby increasing the speed and quality of care while reducing the unreimbursed time spent preparing labs and relaying patient results.  The capability to diagnose and treat in one visit can have a dramatic impact on practice throughput.  Clinics can see more patients each day by eliminating unnecessary call-backs and follow up visits due to standard 24-hour lab turnaround.  And, by having immediate results while they're in front of the physician, patients can experience the real impact of their compliance or non-compliance to treatment regimens, which can improve outcomes and reduce hospitalizations.

About Abaxis Abaxis develops, manufactures and markets portable blood analysis systems for use in any veterinary or human patient-care setting to provide clinicians with rapid blood constituent measurements.  The system consists of a compact, 5.1 kilogram (11.2 pounds), portable analyzer and a series of single-use plastic discs, called reagent discs that contain all the chemicals required to perform a panel of up to 14 tests on veterinary patients and 31 tests on human patients.  The system can be operated with minimal training and performs multiple routine tests on whole blood, serum or plasma samples.  The system provides test results in less than 12 minutes with the precision and accuracy equivalent to a clinical laboratory analyzer. 

The Piccolo Xpress and reagents are sold exclusively through Abbott Point of Care in the United States.  For more information please visit http://www.piccoloxpress.com/distributors/

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