Abbydress Advanced Custom Tuxedo

Jan 06, 2014, 09:00 ET from

HONG KONG, Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- If each woman is a blooming flower who needs the decoration of costumes, a gorgeous dress is just like the fragrance of flowers. It is the unique fragrance that endows each woman with a different soul, filling their lives with happiness and making them wonderful.

Abbydress makes clothes with the most gorgeous fabrics, delicate details and sophisticated workmanship. Known for his love of clothes, designer Jack Jiang gives the clothes a "touchable soul". The inspiration coming from his heart contributes to his success.

Abbydress advanced custom prom dresses has won market recognition due to their luxury and nobility.

Gorgeous style, luxurious lace and silk, smooth stain, elegant fabric, unique chiffon, silver tassel, fine embroidery, bright color, the sway in the lithe physique, is like a fairy tale dream of all women. With pleat, gorgeous crystal and rhinestone, you will be sparkling in a beautifully extravagant dress. Being fashionable and dazzling, Abbydress will also make you look as elegant as a fairy.

Using unique local culture and perfect Italian-style elements, Abbydress has carefully envisioned your "wearing occasion". According to your different needs, Abbydress makes each dress special to show your own character and style.

The designer is very delighted to find that more and more women love and appreciate Abbydress. Their admiration for noble European style, appreciation for elegance and purity, respect for valuable material, interpretation of magnificent texture is exactly the expression of design desired. This is also why Abbydress is immensely valuable and attains great success in the unity of tradition and modernity and the unity of toughness and softness.

As designer Jack Jiang said, "Go your own way, put on your favorite dress and look at yourself in the mirror. Feel your heart, you are the one who knows yourself the best! Trust yourself and your choice because you are beautiful!

This is what makes Abbydress so attractive.

Abbydress represents the essence of the international high-end evening dress brand, which lets people truly enjoy fashion and luxurious evening dresses. The extraordinary tailoring process is vivid and  the fine sewing craft and hand-embroidered overlay reflect the superior technology of advanced customization and Abbydress artistic charm.