Chinese-style Wedding Dresses as a Foreign Trade B2C Model

Sep 26, 2013, 05:23 ET from ComeBuy

HONG KONG, Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly 60% of the world's wedding dresses are made in China. In recent years, Chinese companies have begun to abandon traditional sales channels, and B2C websites like, a subsidiary of B2C retailer ComeBuy, have become very important sales channel for Chinese companies. Why would wedding dresses be so popular in the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) mode? This has to do with the nature of the product and the characteristics of retail trade. The following is an example of how Southeast Asia's AbbyDress wedding dress brand exhibits advantages in retailing Chinese-style wedding dresses using the B2C model.

1. Wedding Products Offered at Reasonable Prices

A huge number of wedding dress brands exist in China, where one may pay about 100 to 300 dollars in a local bridal shop for a wedding dress. But through B2C retail, future brides can save on costs significantly because of eliminating overhead like shop space rental and sales personnel.

2. Products are Finished

Generally, B2C models target international consumers, so the vast majority of wedding dress enterprises sell finished products. Although the wedding products are customized, the exports are the finished products.

3. Packaging Weight and Volume is Manageable

Wedding dresses are very light and their volume is not large, so for a single express delivery, the cost is not high. Better still, wedding products cannot be easily damaged in transit, making logistics very manageable. In the case of AbbyDress, the company has several warehouses worldwide, meaning that some products can be shipped more quickly as they are not being delivered from China.

4. Exclusive Product Pictures

Product images in the wedding industry are proprietary, but many other Chinese wedding sites lift pictures of items by famous designers, leading to infringement. Companies that do so will be subject to the complaints of domain registrars and Paypal, and punished by Google.

5. Guaranteed Customer Service

As mentioned, AbbyDress has its own factory and independent sales customer service team. The after-sales system is very complete. It is important that AbbyDress supports the most secure payment channel in the world, Paypal, and protects the interests of consumers.