Abbyson Living Launching Hundreds of New Designs, Adds Alex Chow to Their Design Team

Mar 14, 2013, 12:07 ET from Abbyson Living

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With a powerful and innovative new design and marketing team in place, Abbyson Living is taking the next big step in their own creative revolution. Though the company has been celebrated for more than 30 years for their collection of contemporary home furnishings, Abbyson is now ready to take it to the next level by developing more than 350 new pieces, all designed to work within the company's current offerings – or as stand-alone units – in categories including occasional, dining, accents and seating, entertainment, bedroom and more.

"Abbyson will prove to be a go-to brand for design sense," says Alex Chow, Abbyson's newly minted head of Product Design. "Not only will we continue to honor our traditional roots, but we'll also bring in product that fulfills the eclectic needs of our customers, allowing them to create their own style with our vibrant and fashionable mix."

Abbyson Living's product design and marketing team works together in a collective process, wherein each member operates as part of a dynamic development cycle. Each member is attuned to the other members of the team so that everyone is focused on keeping customers happy with fashion-forward designs that are both affordable and beautifully made.

"One of the things that has kept Abbyson Living at the forefront of the home furnishing industry is our ability to stay current and offer timeless, tasteful designs that would be a welcome addition to any home," says Rodd Rafieha, vice president of Abbyson Living. "Bringing Alex on board not only renews our commitment to innovative design, but he brings a wealth of experience that will help us engage our customers in a whole new way."

As the new head of Product Design, Chow plans to help Abbyson bring products to the market faster, using his background in manufacturing to assist in speeding up the design process. Part of this method will include Chow crafting his own samples at Abbyson's home base, allowing him to shorten the time it takes for a design to gain approvals and transition to the factory for build-out. The result? Each new piece will make it from concept to actuality in a fraction of the time.

Chow will be joining the team of Crystal Coleman (Designer and Product Research Lead) and Jason Shahrokh and Tim Frailly (Product Marketing and Business Development Team). Coleman acts as a liaison between Chow, Shahrokh and Frailly.

"Abbyson has helped usher in the New Traditionalist era, and now we're looking forward once again," Coleman states. "I make sure we have a finger on the pulse of what will sell and what we're designing."

It's that attention to detail that ensures Shahrokh and Frailly can continue to develop Abbyson's large e-tail relationships. Frailly has worked to capitalize on the burgeoning market of online furniture consumers, recognizing there's a contingent of the marketplace that responds powerfully to Abbyson's position as the stand-alone online furnishing brand by developing key relationships and helping retailers augment their business.

"More retailers are getting in the drop ship business to fulfill the aging Gen-X market that is more comfortable buying quality furniture online than any other," Rafieha notes. "We bring top-class furniture to the table through a modern business model and infrastructure. Abbyson is truly the best at the new online model."

Abbyson Living will start rolling out its new product lines in summer and fall of 2013.

With unparalleled quality and outstanding customer service, Abbyson Living has been a trusted manufacturer and importer of high-quality and affordably priced living room, dining and bedroom furniture for more than 30 years. Abbyson creates home furnishings that offer worldly inspirations elegantly interpreted for the American home, at an affordable price that offers everyone a taste of luxury. The Abbyson family has been proud to offer extravagantly comfortable, elegantly styled and timelessly crafted home furnishings to consumers nationwide, and continues to expand their company to meet the needs of their dedicated clientele.

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