Aberdeen Asset Management White Paper: A Series of Unfortunate Events for Global Markets

Nov 07, 2011, 13:34 ET from Aberdeen Asset Management

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Aberdeen Asset Management has today published a white paper entitled A Series of Unfortunate Events for Global Markets. The paper delivers insights from Aberdeen investment managers and strategists as well as external experts from the world of economics and finance. Contributors were asked to give commentary on a range of global market issues ahead of the firm's annual Investment Conference, which will be held at the Savoy Hotel on Tuesday, November 8th.

Martin Fluck, Investment Strategist at Aberdeen, comments: "Ahead of this year's Aberdeen Asset Management Investment Conference we decided to commission a series of interviews with think tanks, commentators and economists to discuss the major themes which will affect the world in the coming year. Our big themes include the West's debt problems, China bubbles, American surprises and the euro-zone. This white paper is the consequence of those interviews and presents a thought leadership angle on a diverse range of topics."

Contributors to the white paper include Douglas Elliot, Fellow of the Brookings Institution, Dr Jim Walker, Founder and Managing Director of Asianomics Limited, Graham Bishop, Independent analyst, and Chris Watling, founder of LongView Economics.

The paper includes four essays which present the experts' opinions on topics as diverse as a Chinese 'hard landing' and the potential of the European community to "give up" on the single currency. Not afraid to voice real concerns of economists, the paper gives a frank discussion of the main drivers of the crises we are seeing.

Dr Jim Walker is quoted as saying of the euro-zone: "The fact is that the euro-zone is an inappropriate currency regime and is made up of far too many members that are uncompetitive at the current exchange rate. Unless the Greeks et al are willing to suffer endless austerity, depression, and political instability, there really is no alternative to at least a partial break-up."

In a discussion on US economic growth, Chris Watling, says: "You get recessions when companies are overstretched and monetary policy is tightened, he says. In fact in the US, monetary policy is loose, companies have lots of cash. It's basically not a recessionary environment, and there won't be a 'double-dip recession, unless we get the disaster scenario in Europe."

Doug Elliot says of China: "To restore confidence and halt the slide in their share price -- which are now valued in line with their euro-zone peers -- the authorities are propping up the banks. But this will be the first of many such interventions because the indiscriminate stimulus will leave mountains of non-performing loans."

The white paper is positive about an eventual rally in the US stock market, likewise for a euro-zone, post-euro, but remains concerned about the impact of deleveraging in the West and China's asset bubbles. Copies of the whitepaper are available by visiting the News & Announcements section on www.aberdeen-asset.us.

For more information about the Aberdeen Investment Conference and to register to listen live online to the speeches and panel sessions www.aberdeen-asset.com/conference2011

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