Abine Offers Privacy to 145 Million in Wake of New eBay Data Breach

Abine, the online privacy company, gives eBay users a simple privacy service to protect their passwords, emails, and the credit cards they use to shop online.

May 21, 2014, 14:32 ET from Abine

BOSTON, May 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries from eBay users about eBay's recent data breach and the safety of their passwords and credit card information, online privacy company Abine is providing the newest version of their acclaimed MaskMe service here:


While Abine has helped consumers understand what can be done retroactively, the most common questions have been, "Why are so many companies losing my information? And, how do I protect myself from this happening again?"

MaskMe provides a simple answer to these questions. 

It's never as simple as just changing your password

Hackers have become more sophisticated. They are selling profiles about hundreds of millions of Web users that include commonly-used passwords, email addresses, home addresses, and often credit card information as well. 

  • 91% of people admit to re-using their online passwords.
  • 99% of people use their personal address for logging in to sensitive accounts.
  • Both re-used passwords and email addresses can become keys to unlocking all your online accounts.

The time has come for consumers to protect the information they give out daily

People need to protect their online account privacy from hackers and data breaches, not just on eBay, but everywhere. MaskMe makes protecting the personal information people give out to web sites everyday seamless and automatic. 

"By using MaskMe, if the wrong people get their hands on your personal information from one account, they can't target you and all your accounts personally. That's the whole point," says Abine co-founder and CEO Rob Shavell.

By using unique passwords and unique Masked Email addresses, consumers can register and shop on web sites without worrying about the next data breach.

Protect yourself here: http://abine.com/maskme.html.

About Abine

More than ten million consumers use Abine's innovative and easy-to-use online privacy solutions. With proven tools, Abine enables people to both benefit from the web and retain control over their personal information. Abine is backed by premier venture capital firms Atlas Venture and General Catalyst Partners.

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