Abstract Artist Susan Olmetti Releases 'Brothers and Sisters and Bubbles'

Jan 01, 2010, 11:00 ET from Susan Olmetti

NEW YORK, Jan. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- From unconventional venues to enigmatic characters, Susan Olmetti's art is stylish, erotic, captivating and deeply personal. Now Olmetti turns her energy to three new series, in collaboration with Australian-born rocker Tyrone Noonan. As "Brothers and Sisters and Bubbles," the project comes to New York's legendary Hotel Chelsea and its grand ballroom in the summer of 2010.

The first series, "Definitions of the Force of Life and Sexuality," combines photos with abstraction to evoke polar opposites. As Olmetti herself poses before the camera, two entire worlds emerge of strength and weakness, love and indifference, confidence and despair.

The same powerful ambiguity runs through the black silhouettes of her second series, "The Outdoor Girls." These mysterious women, each an avatar of Olmetti's fallen angels, devote their enormous inner strength to improving the lives of others.

In the third series, "Gusts of Reality," Olmetti and Noonan will perform together as a tribute to her father, Joseph Michael Olmetti. Her colorful mural reflects her characteristic Asian influences, and it gains in intensity from Noonan's music.

Olmetti's gift for breathing life into diverse media tests the limits of boldness and brashness. Viewers recognize in her intricate art the fragments of their own fractured selves. Her paint strokes can convey the subtle comforts of a younger sister -- or the seductions of an intolerably passionate lover.




SOURCE Susan Olmetti