AbVitro to Provide Academic Institutions Access to its AbPair™ Technology Through a Grant Challenge Program

Aug 20, 2015, 07:00 ET from AbVitro Inc.

BOSTON, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AbVitro Inc., an immuno-oncology discovery company, today announced access to its AbPairTM technology by launching the "PairMe Grant Challenge."

AbPair™ allows for the simultaneous discovery and proper native pairings of both B cell immunoglobulin and T cell receptor sequences from millions of single cells simultaneously using our proprietary Next-Generation Immune Sequencing Technology.

The unique aspects of this cutting-edge technology allow for:

  • Unparalleled throughput of millions of single cells per experiment.
  • Full-length variable sequences, with isotype identification.
  • All cell types: memory, naive, plasmablasts, Th, Treg.
  • B and T cells simultaneously in a single experiment.
  • Sequencing of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) directly from a tumor sample without the need for isolation or in vitro activation.
  • Simultaneous Identification of associated genes or protein markers (CD4, CD8, PD1, etc.).

The "PairMe Grant Challenge" allows any qualified Academic Institution to submit a short scientific proposal, from which the company will select one or more winners every three months. The winners will receive one AbPair™ sequencing run of up to one million cells, with corresponding data analysis including all B and/or T cell paired sequences discovered--all free of charge.

"A fundamental problem in immunology is the recovery of B cell and T cell receptors in their native pairing configuration at the throughput necessary to truly understand the immune responses of patients or animals. The technology we have developed at AbVitro is unique when compared to other approaches in that we can determine the proper full length pairing of millions of B and T-cells simultaneously, and we wanted to provide access for the scientific community to this powerful tool," stated Francois Vigneault, Ph.D., AbVitro's co-founder and chief scientific officer.

"We developed AbPairTM as part of our own internal discovery efforts in immuno-oncology, but quickly realized that the technology was so disruptive that we wanted to find a way to help the academic scientific community benefit from its potential. We are really excited to share this opportunity and contribute to the advancement of basic immunology research," stated Jeffrey M. Ostrove, Ph.D., chief executive officer of AbVitro.

The first round of applications and proposals for the PairMe Grant Challenge are due October 15th. The winners will be announced October 31st. More information and the proposal form can be found at www.AbVitro.com/Pairme

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AbVitro is an immuno-oncology discovery company, with a cutting edge technology platform that allows for the discovery of cancer specific tumor infiltrating lymphocytes from the natural immune response for the development of novel immunotherapies. Based on technology developed by the visionary George Church at Harvard Medical School, our technology allows for the identification of complete, natively paired B cell antibodies and T cell receptors across millions of single cells simultaneously at unprecedented resolution. Our platform enables the discovery of novel cancer specific targets and the development of monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, TCRs and CAR-T immunotherapies.

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