ACADINE Technologies Releases First Version of H5OS

HTML5-based OS platform for smart devices, enabled with H5OS CORE and H5OS Feature Packs

Feb 22, 2016, 00:00 ET from ACADINE Technologies

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MWC 2016 -- ACADINE™ Technologies, an independent provider of operating systems software / service platforms for a new generation of smart devices, announced the release of H5OS, a scalable HTML5-based and commercially ready Operating System (OS) created for mobile devices and the IoT. H5OS's design has two key products - H5OS CORE and H5OS Feature Packs – which together offer customization and scalable capabilities for partners. H5OS Core 1.0 is now available to ACADINE partners.

"ACADINE embraces open web standards to support open participation and give ACADINE's partner OEM/ODMs, mobile operators, developers and content providers complete freedom to innovate. We've built a horizontal platform that unifies core technologies and streamlines the IoT ecosystem for smart devices from fields such as medical, manufacturing, smart home, automotive and retail. H5OS is a commercially ready, independent OS, designed for the next decades of innovation" said Dr. Li Gong, Chairman and CEO of ACADINE Technologies.

"ACADINE's H5OS open standard operating system builds upon the already rich support and optimizations for web technologies now available for ARM®-based devices," said Charlene Marini, Vice President, Segment Marketing, ARM. "H5OS embraces the ARM architecture to benefit smart device developers through access to the most comprehensive range of mobile and embedded processors to quickly and efficiently meet market specific cost requirements and performance targets while maximizing code reuse."

By leveraging HTML5 technology, H5OS is more versatile, adaptable and memory efficient than other existing mobile operating systems. As a result, large ranges of smart device makers can readily adopt H5OS on their products -- including sophisticated mobile devices, smart feature phones and even lightweight devices such as smart monitors.

"We are excited to see ACADINE working to enable and optimize H5OS on our Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and 212, 4G-LTE equipped processors that can enable Voice over LTE, clear voice, and fast download speeds. We look forward to seeing H5OS shipping on a variety of smart devices across multiple segments and expect to see the first devices using Snapdragon processors and H5OS to be introduced later this year," Keith Kressin, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

H5OS is based on open web standards and facilitates a cross-platform usability, allowing smart devices to reach their full potential through seamless communication and connectivity across different hardware platforms. "The IoT industry needs a suitable OS solution that can provide an open, easy-to-use, efficient and seamless connected experience with lightweight memory requirements and high scalability. As the leading smart device platform technology provider, Thundersoft is partnering with ACADINE to take H5OS to a wide range of smart devices – for example smart cameras and drones – supporting innovation by leveraging H5OS's high scalability and adaptability." Said Larry Geng, CEO of Thundersoft.

H5OS's flexible design structure has two key products – H5OS Core and H5OS Feature Packs – which together create an environment for smart device makers to develop and customize their product innovations both from the horizontal platform and from various vertical categories. H5OS Core is a commercially ready, versatile OS and service platform that enables partners with a horizontal operating system, allowing them to quickly go to market while enabling products to reach their full potential through cross platform capability. H5OS Feature Packs target applications and user experience for specific product markets, and now ACADINE provides several feature packs including mobile devices and wearable products.

ACADINE currently works with a number of OEM partners to provide H5OS solutions to the global mobile and wearable market.

"A key component to supporting operating system diversification in our product portfolio is the value a dynamic and scalable solution like ACADINE's H5OS brings to the end user in terms of user experience, in addition to portfolio expansion and an emerging eco-system of application support," said Steve Cistulli, President & General Manager, North America for ALCATEL ONETOUCH. "ACADINE has been at the forefront of open standard operating system development, challenging the incumbents, and offering a new flexible platform for OEM's like ALCATEL ONETOUCH and carriers alike."

H5OS CORE 1.0 is available now for partners. The release includes the latest technologies, such as 4G telephony and Voice over LTE, as well as touch and non-touch interfaces, multi-screen experiences and various connectivity and sensor solutions. H5OS CORE also comes with an open service framework that empowers content and services collaborations.

H5OS CORE 1.0 supports all the essential features of smart devices, enabling developers, OEM/ODM and other partners to access H5OS – through the most prevalent reference hardware, such as DragonBoard™ and Raspberry Pi 2, as well as other commercial solutions. "We are pleased to see the first version of H5OS being made available and look forward to helping our members leverage this new customizable operating system in their product portfolios," said George Grey, Linaro CEO. "The Linaro Services Team is now working with ACADINE to port H5OS on the 96Boards compliant Dragonboard™ 410c to enable IoT makers, and we are excited to see how this will help accelerate innovation in this market on a range of different applications."

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ACADINE™ Technologies is an independent provider of operating systems software / service platforms for a new generation of smart devices. ACADINE is based in Hong Kong, with operations in Beijing, Taipei and Palo Alto. For more information, please visit or contact

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