Acapella Earns #1 App Store Ranking and Clinches $1M Seed Round

Mixcord's social performance platform Acapella reaches 7 million monthly active users and becomes #1 free app in Apple App Store six weeks after launching

Nov 24, 2015, 14:19 ET from Mixcord

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixcord announced today that Acapella, the company's social performance platform, has become the #1 ranking free app in the Apple App Store just six weeks after launching. Spurred by Acapella's rapid growth to 7 million monthly active users (MAU), Mixcord has raised $1 million in seed funding from Mucker Capital, Social Starts, and private investors.

One of the fastest growing phenomena in social and mobile, Acapella has become the go-to mobile studio for celebrities, aspiring singers and their fans. Dozens of artists, including Lil Wayne, Young Money, Austin Mahone and Von Grey, have created an Acapella or shared videos of their fans' creative work. Well known online influencers such as Twaimz, Ricky Dillon, Leo Camacho and Nikki Flores have also used Acapella to build their social followings. Today, more than 7 million monthly active users find, create and share video performances through Acapella.

Acapella allows performers to record, synchronize and share vocal harmonies, dances and skits. Fans can follow their favorite personalities, 'like' fun videos and repost Acapellas on other social platforms. Thousands of Acapellas have surpassed 1 million views just hours after being shared on social media. Some of the most popular Acapellas include rickydillon, MsNikkiFlores, and J Boogie.

Acapella is built on the Mixcord social platform where users can find inspiring content, discover the app used to create it, and then make new content with the same app. Unlike traditional social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, Mixcord connects a collection of photo and video creation apps into one shared social platform. This social platform is built into each partner app and allows users to post and discover content across multiple partner applications in the network. Thus, Mixcord is both a studio for creating content and a platform for sharing it on the social web.

"There used to be a wall between social networks and the apps people use to create social content. The best photo and video apps were standalone utilities, disconnected from the social world. Mixcord has knocked down the wall," said Ihung Tu, Co-founder and CEO of Mixcord. "We help content creation apps get discovered, and we help people use their favorite apps to their highest potential. This is a community that values the quality and creativity of social content."

The Mixcord partner network is open to third-party developers and currently features six photo and video apps: PicPlayPost, Acapella, Square Video, PopAGraph, OSnap! and Videohance. Acapella is the latest addition to the network. It is also the third Mixcord app to earn the #1 ranking in the last two years following the successes of PicPlayPost and PopAGraph.

"Mixcord is the one place people can create, store, repurpose and share content across multiple photo and video applications. It's this 'meta-network' function coupled with a huge active audience that allows Mixcord to propel compelling partner applications into top rankings in the App Store," said William Hsu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Mucker Capital. "Mixcord has proven that its team has the ability to launch social phenomena and the technical chops to build a robust social platform."

About Mixcord

Mixcord is the place to discover, create and share content across the social web. The Mixcord meta-network includes six partner apps: Acapella, PicPlayPost, Square Video, PopAGraph, OSnap! and Videohance. Through Mixcord, users can find inspiring content, discover the app that created it, and then make new content with the same app. Join 10 million celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs and casual creators who use Mixcord to inspire, educate and entertain their social fans. Visit to learn more.     


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