ACBL Leads a Changing Tide Towards Increased Small Business Lending

Small business lending may be on the rise, but big banks still struggle to keep pace with the innovation at Advantage Capital Business Loans

Aug 16, 2013, 20:28 ET from Advantage Capital Business Loans

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As any small business owner knows, when crises arise, the period of uncertainty between applying for business loans and having the application approved or denied can mean the difference between survival and ruin. That's one reason why business owners in a variety of industries have expressed deep appreciation for the quick business loans offered at Advantage Capital Business Loans. With principals who hail from a small-business background themselves, ACBL has come to prominence as the lender that professionals can trust for loans that are simple, quick, and easy to get approved.

Unlike most traditional lenders and big banks, at Advantage Capital Business Loans, bad credit or a lack of collateral are not barriers to receiving a necessary loan. This is because the founders of ACBL recognize that in today's marketplace, taking on a substantial load of debt is often necessary in order for a business to simply continue its daily operations. The lending experts at ACBL believe that small business success can have a ripple effect throughout the economy – a philosophy that has led the modest-sized lender to earn recognition as a leader in business financing, and leaving larger competitors struggling to catch up.

In the five years since the economic collapse devastated countless businesses and personal accounts throughout the globe, the outlook for small business has remained notably grim. In recent weeks, a few signs indicate that some banks are finally coming to appreciate the importance of small business lending in encouraging a healthy economic recovery. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that sizable banks with $10 billion or more in assets approved 17.4% of loan applications in July, up from 11.3% of applications in July of last year.

In an economic climate that is still to smaller businesses, even the modest gains we have recently experienced can be cause for optimism. Yet, more than anything, the news seems to serve as a striking reminder of how innovative and effective ACBL's loan experience truly is. By rewarding the efficiency and potential of small businesses, and utilizing loans that are customized to reflect the individual needs of each small business, ACBL is able to foster the sort of trust that is the hallmark of a robust marketplace.  

After five years dealing with a business climate that hinders all but the largest multi-national corporations, small business CEOs are wise to choose Advantage Capital Business Loans over larger banks. As traditional lenders struggle to keep up, the sincere dedication and exceptional skill and knowledge of the principals at ACBL are likely to continue to widen the gap between the dynamic, modest-sized lender and its less impressive competitors. To receive a no obligation, custom business loan offer from Advantage Capital Business Loans, or if you have any questions about small business loans, visit or call 877-379-0202.

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