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Minority-born business owners experience a number of hurdles when seeking loan approval, but Advantage Capital Business Loans seeks to level the playing field

Jun 16, 2014, 20:05 ET from Advantage Capital Business Loans

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- America is traditionally viewed as the land of opportunity, but for far too many of us, the reality is that successfully achieving financial goals seems like a pipe-dream. Historically, this has particularly been true for individuals of minority descent, and although many people believe this has changed, a recent study found that, at many lenders, minority business loan options are still far less widely available than for white loan applicants. Fortunately, if you're from a low-income or minority background, you'll always receive fair and equal treatment from the progressively minded team at Advantage Capital Business Loans. The one-of-a-kind lending firm has made a name by offering fast, simple and easy business loans to the promising professionals who need help the most.

The Washington Post recently reported on a study by business school professors at Utah State University, Brigham Young University, and Rutgers University that revealed a stark difference in the way minority entrepreneurs are treated compared to their white counterparts. When seeking funding for a small business, the studies showed that African-American and Hispanic individuals find it harder to receive lending than their non-minority counterparts, even when their credentials are nearly identical.

Results from the study revealed that business owners from minority backgrounds were provided far less information about loan terms, offered less application help by loan officers and asked more questions about their financial situation. "If you are white and set out to get financing for an entrepreneurial venture, it might be a tough journey, but generally speaking, you would experience fewer obstacles and find more help along the way than if you came from an African-American or Hispanic background," says Glenn Christensen, one of the authors of the study.

Another report, by the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy and released last year, illustrated other disheartening findings. These include a lower likelihood of loan approval for non-white applicants and an interest rate that is on average 32% higher for minority professionals. The take away from the study seems clear – discrimination at many big banks and traditional lenders is still very real. Yet, at Advantage Capital Business Loans, the lending experience is actually as fair as it ought to be at all lenders. During the underwriting process, the team at ACBL puts the majority of weight on a business' efficiency and potential. This ensures that no matter what one's background may be, a prospective borrower is  given a fair shot at receiving the funding needed to achieve his or her financial goals.

We're lucky to live in a country where entrepreneurship and an independent spirit are highly valued. Yet, for many aspiring professionals from a minority background, the risks of managing a small business are greater, and the rewards are relatively few and far between. ACBL seeks to level the playing field through lending that is customized to address the financial concerns of those who require help the most. ACBL's only concern is to provide you with fair, manageable and customized lending. For a no obligation custom business loan, contact Advantage Capital Business Loans for a free quote at (877) 379-0202, or online at

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