Accelerated Celebrates National Athletic Training Month

Mar 09, 2012, 13:59 ET from Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers

CHICAGO, March 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In honor of National Athletic Training Month, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers--the largest physical therapist owned and managed practice in the U.S.--specially recognizes its team of more than 60 certified athletic trainers (ATC). Accelerated appreciates that, with their versatile wellness services as well as injury and illness prevention skills, "Athletic Trainers Save Lives".


Accelerated's highly skilled, enthusiastic athletic trainers possess first-hand knowledge and experience related to the exact training and health care needs involved in athletics and fitness.

Accelerated takes pride in supporting its communities as well as its athletes, coaches, parents, and families. Our athletic trainers--who have strong reputations for clinical quality, effective outcomes, and exceptional customer service--are committed to providing excellent, quality care for high schools, athletic clubs, colleges, and professional teams. In addition, Accelerated supports many local recreational groups, and individuals who are working toward lifestyles of wellness and personal fitness.

"Athletic trainers are an integral part of our Accelerated team," said Lelia Siano , Manager of Sports Medicine for Accelerated. "On the field, court, or in the clinic, they act as our 'eyes and ears,' keeping the athletes safe and healthy. They improve functional and physical outcomes, which ultimately reduces health care costs. Our athletic trainers can make all the difference in the lives of physically active individuals."

In fact, according to two independent studies referenced by the National Athletic Trainers' Association, adding ATCs to a patient-focused team does not cost the health care system money. Instead, studies demonstrate that the services of ATCs save money for employers and improve quality of life for patients. For each $1 invested in preventive care, employers gained a return on investment of up to $7. Furthermore, an investigation in the Journal of Rehabilitation Outcomes Measure, indicates that care provided by ATCs generates a positive change in health-related quality of life patient outcomes.

Our ATCs:

  • Coordinate pre-participation physical exams
  • Provide on-site injury evaluations, first aid and CPR, and follow-up attention at practices, games, and tournaments
  • Assist in the prevention, treatment, and clinical rehabilitation of athletic and other injuries
  • Provide strength training and sport-specific conditioning regimens
  • Coordinate physician referrals (within 24 hours)
  • Offer valuable guidance on stretching, nutrition, biomechanics, as well as balance and core stabilization

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