Accelrys Science Council Adds Three New Fellows Supporting Scientific Research and Innovation

Expanded group will assist in developing, delivering and supporting the scientific and technical solutions required by Accelrys customers

Mar 20, 2014, 08:00 ET from Accelrys, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL), a leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software and solutions, today announced the appointment of Accelrys employees Johan Carlsson, Anne Goupil-Lamy and Kate Lusczakoski  as Fellows on the Accelrys Science Council. Carlsson, Goupil-Lamy and Lusczakoski respectively bring to the Council in-depth knowledge and experience in materials modelling, life sciences research and the use of data analysis to improve process understanding. The three new Fellows join Marc Meunier and Senior Fellows Hugues-Olivier Bertrand, Victor Milman and Justin Neway as thought leaders on the Accelrys Science Council which is charged with guiding the direction and sustaining the high standard of company-wide scientific innovation along the spectrum from research to manufacturing.

The Accelrys Fellows play a critical role in transforming the next generation of informatics technology required by Accelrys customers. Hugues-Olivier Bertrand and Anne Goupil will focus on life sciences research; Victor Milman, Marc Meunier and Johan Carlsson on materials science and engineering; and Justin Neway and Kate Lusczakoski on analytical, development, quality and manufacturing.

"The Accelrys Science Council congratulates Johan Carlsson, Anne Goupil-Lamy and Kate Lusczakoski on their appointments as Accelrys Fellows," said Hugues-Olivier Bertrand, Ph.D., senior director and senior fellow at Accelrys. "The outstanding scientific and technical accomplishments of these three new members of our team combined with their deep understanding of our customers' environments, processes and business issues will help advance scientific research and innovation across the industries we serve."

Johan Carlsson, Ph.D., senior field application scientist and Science Council Fellow at Accelrys, received his master's in engineering physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden and a doctorate in physics from the University of Gothenburg. His research centered around electronic structure calculations for surfaces and interfaces in metals and metal oxides with a particular focus on grain boundaries. He subsequently headed the Nanoporous Carbon group in the theory department of Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Berlin for six years. This research group used electronic structure calculations to investigate the catalytic properties of carbon-based materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanoporous carbon. In 2008, Carlsson joined the Contract Research group at Accelrys where he worked on customer projects including carbon nanotube polymer composites, morphology of crystallites and metal oxide catalysts. One of these projects resulted in a joint publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. As a senior field application scientist at Accelrys, he helps customers solve their scientific problems using modelling and simulation techniques. Carlsson has published 18 scientific articles and one book chapter. Three of these articles have received more than 100 citations. He is regularly asked to referee manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and invited to speak at conferences.

Anne Goupil-Lamy, Ph.D., pre-sales scientist and Science Council Fellow at Accelrys, obtained her doctorate in molecular biophysics from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI, France). She studied protein dynamics and denaturation using molecular dynamic simulations and neutron scattering experiments under the supervision of Professor Jeremy C. Smith. Goupil-Lamy joined MSI (now Accelrys) in 1998 as a support scientist and gained expertise in the many modelling areas supported by Accelrys' life science modelling tools. While managing Accelrys' contract research group for many years in Europe and worldwide, she performed feasibility studies, developed proposals and was involved in the delivery of structure-based design and ligand-based design projects with one contract resulting in a patent. As a pre-sales scientist, she has performed several validation studies in fragment-based design and protein-protein interactions that were presented at conferences and to customers. She is also involved in biotherapeutics projects focusing on antibody design.

Kate Lusczakoski, Ph.D., manager of business consulting and Science Council Fellow at Accelrys, received her master's in neuropsychology and a doctorate in applied statistics and research methodology from the University of Northern Colorado. Lusczakoski has many years of experience consulting with pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, health care organizations and federal agencies to help them achieve their business initiatives through the use of statistical applications that improve operational intelligence and data-driven decision making. Her research interests reflect her applied consulting experience in conducting statistical simulation studies to investigate the proper application of statistical techniques in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology manufacturing and health care industries. She has served as an adjunct professor of applied statistics at leading Colorado universities, presented at over 35 industry conferences around the globe and contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications throughout her career.  

Marc Meunier, Ph.D., principal field application scientist and Science Council Fellow at Accelrys, holds a master's from Pierre et Marie Curie University (Fr) and received a doctorate in chemistry from Bangor University (UK). After completing his doctorate he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Imperial College, London.  He joined Accelrys in 2000 as a product specialist for materials modelling. Meunier's research interests include the study of nanodielectrics, the simulation of polymeric materials used in membrane technology, pharmaceutical materials science and more recently the growing field of materials informatics.  He is on the editorial board of the journal Molecular Simulation; his publications appear in Chemical Physics, Applied Physics and Polymer journals; and he has recently edited a book entitled "Industrial Applications of Molecular Simulations."

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