Access MZ Group's new Annual and Sustainability Report hotsite

More up to date, the channel brings cases, a portfolio, innovations and trends for the reports, with a totally new layout and infinite scroll navigation.

Oct 03, 2013, 10:57 ET from MZ Group

SAO PAULO, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MZ Group, the world's largest independent investor relations company and the leading consulting firm in financial market communications innovation, announces the official launch of its new Annual and Sustainability Report hotsite. With changes in content, layout and navigation, the channel, in addition to listing the company's entire portfolio and successful cases, showcases the product's advantages in order to provide stakeholders with information on corporate operations and strategy focused on sustainable development and financial activities.

To access MZ Group's new Annual and Sustainability Report hotsite go to: (content only in Portuguese for now).

From the interaction point of view, the hotsite features a user experience innovation: infinite scroll navigation. This resource is frequently used on websites to improve usability in element pagination. As the browser scroll is used, it is loaded on demand and pagination no longer requires clicking. Control is held at the navigator scroll, facilitating visualization based on a simultaneous presentation of a large collection of elements, in addition to simplifying the experience in mobile devices.

Fabiana Trebilcock, an MZ Group partner and a specialist in annual and sustainability reports, comments, "companies are increasingly aware of their responsibilities towards strategic stakeholders and adopt values and principles based on transparency and social and environmental commitment. Consequently, MZ Group wants to bring these companies closer to our portfolio and successful cases, helping them excel in their annual and sustainability reports."

The hotsite is fed by a team with extensive expertise in the production of performance reports and in the application of GRI guidelines (G3, G3.1 and G4). MZ Group is also keeping a close eye on developments regarding Integrated Reports, offering first-class consulting services on this new tendency.

About MZ Group ( MZ Group is an Attitude company and the world´s leading independent investor relations firm (one-stop-shop in strategic consulting, integrated services and technology). Founded in 1999, MZ Group has offices in Chicago, New York, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Sidney, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei and Vancouver. Its services includes strategic consulting - value and perception gaps, risk management, business reputation and coaching for executives and board members; integrated services - planning and implementing global IR programs, investor targeting, non deal roadshows, market intelligence and events; technology - CRM, websites, webcasts and applied database (IR Navigator).

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