Accessible Archives© Establishes New Subsidiary: Accessible Preservatives©

Jun 24, 2010, 13:54 ET from Unlimited Priorities Corporation

MALVERN, Pa., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Accessible Archives, Inc., a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, has announced the creation of Accessible Preservatives, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Accessible Preservatives is a unique leather restorative that preserves, protects and polishes leather book bindings.  As the preservation and distribution of primary source materials is the root of Accessible Archives, rare book preservation, with the ancillary benefits of restoring and preserving all leather products, was the next logical step in the company's growth.

Accessible Preservatives was developed more than 30 years ago by Fred H. Shihadeh, an internationally-respected custom bookbinder from Ardmore, Pennsylvania for use in the restoration and preservation of deteriorating 15th - 19th century leather-bound volumes.  Mr. Shihadeh devised Fredelka Formula, as it was then called – a combination of his and his wife's names – because he was unable to find a product with the properties he deemed essential to the leather restoration and preservation process.  Utilizing the ingredients of a formula developed by the British Library, but in different proportions, Fredelka Formula was easy to apply, brought old leather back to life, had a pleasing odor and provided a firm protective coating with a smooth feel.  In keeping with its interest in and commitment to the preservation of archival materials and information, Accessible Archives acquired Fredelka Formula in 2000 and renamed it Triple Crown.  The name now has been changed to Accessible Preservatives to better reflect its relationship to the parent company.

Accessible Preservatives is a clear and odorless organic compound containing no hazardous or toxic ingredients.  It is comprised of Neatsfoot Oil, Beeswax and Microwax, a microcrystalline compound providing long-lasting protection for all leather products, especially those touched frequently by human hands such as books, wallets and briefcases.  Accessible Preservatives penetrates quickly, will not darken leather with age, will not oxidize, will not build acid in the leather, does not contain sulfur that can destroy stitching and will not migrate in the leather or leave it heavy and oily.  Accessible Preservatives provides a water resistant and scuff-proof surface, produces a rich patina, has an indefinite shelf life and can be used on both new and old leather.

Tom Nagy, Accessible Archives COO and president of Accessible Preservatives, stated: "Having a separate subsidiary for Accessible Preservatives will help us focus on penetrating its most relevant areas: book restoration, shoes and boots, sporting goods, field gear, harness and tack, automotive and boat interiors and furniture, among others.  We hope to find similar products to help us further expand this new subsidiary."

About Accessible Archives

Founded in 1990, Accessible Archives utilizes computer technology to provide vast quantities of archived historical information previously available only in microformat.  Diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across American history and culture have been assembled into comprehensive databases.  Developed by dedicated instructors and students of Americana, these databases allow access to the rich store of materials from leading books and periodicals then current.  Accessible Archives will continue to add titles covering important topics and time periods to assist scholars and students at all academic levels.  Accessible Archives has retained Unlimited Priorities Corporation as its exclusive sales and marketing agent.


Tom Nagy, President

Iris L. Hanney, President

Accessible Preservatives

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