Accident Lawsuit Funding Announces 24-Hour Approvals for Car Accident Cases

Accident Pre-Settlement and Settlement Funding Company says that all car accident cases will receive approvals within 24 hours so clients can receive their cash before Christmas.

Dec 17, 2015, 10:15 ET from

CHERRY HILL, N.J., Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading national lawsuit funding firm, announced today all car accident cases will be approved within 24 hours so clients can receive their lawsuit funding advance before Christmas. During this busy time of year, ALF is offering approvals on any and all car accident cases – and any other motor vehicle accident – within 24 hours. The staff at ALF understands that the holidays can bring stress as clients find themselves without funds for holiday shopping and even just basic necessities. It's for this reason that they are focusing on a good turnaround time in their car and truck accident division, specifically for clients who have been in any type of motor vehicle accident, as those accidents are unfortunately far too common, especially during this time of the year.

Motor vehicle accident cases involving cars and/or semi-trucks that result in personal injury can be complex in nature. ALF is one of the only companies in the legal finance industry that provides a free quote approval contract and low rates within 12-24 hours of receiving all required documents. ALF provides assistance in helping victims receive immediate compensation – prior to obtaining a settlement – for medical treatment, loss of wages, rehabilitative care, emotional distress, employment loss, property loss, as well as pain and suffering. ALF also provides surgical funding to help victims pay for needed surgeries, whether or not they have insurance to cover the required procedure(s). ALF is also working with lawyers in NJ who are experiencing declining PIP policies and need assistance with getting clients surgical funding who are lacking insurance.

Chris Janish, CEO of ALF, commented on the company's announcement, "Even during the busy holiday season, we are sticking with our pledge to have all semi-truck, car, bus, and any other motor vehicle accidents approved within 24 hours of receiving all necessary documentation. Simply put, we believe there is no other company who can deliver you the holiday cash you need as quickly as our trained staff."

ALF, a law cash advance company, as well as their funding partners, are committed to helping clients and ensuring they receive the lawsuit money they need prior to their ultimate case settlements in order to pay bills. ALF, along with their funding partners, are prepared to service higher-end clients who need large lawsuit cash advances, even if they have received prior legal funding from another firm in the legal finance industry. The company said it is not unusual to see pre-settlement advances up to $250K in cases involving serious injuries of loss of limbs where large financial needs are required to live comfortably. In many cases, the lawsuit cash advance enables the plaintiff to wait for a better settlement amount or value and obtain a fair award, hence the large legal advance becomes cost effective in the end.   

ALF has some of the lowest rates on cases involving buyouts of prior advances and large funding amounts, to ensure that the plaintiff is getting fair payback terms in order to make the transaction work. ALF has highly trained and experienced customer service representatives who can discuss refinancing opportunities if your current commercial lawsuit funding advance is at too high of a rate. The company offers 24-hour approvals, low rates, and accident lawsuit funding guidance. To contact ALF to discuss how lawsuit funding can assist you with your ultimate settlement value or amount, or to fill out an application for lawsuit funding online, visit:

For more details and information on how the ALF funding process works or to speak to a representative, please visit:

ALF is also accepting funding applications on any and all types of accident cases that resulted in personal injury, including medical malpractice or doctor/hospital negligence. For a full list of cases that the company funds, please visit the company's website at: or call the company's toll-free hotline at: 877.636.6010.

Disclaimer: Be advised that the company funding programs should not be confused with any of the following: lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, settlement loan, settlement loans, or a pre-settlement loan, as sometimes referred to from prospective clients. The lawsuit cash advance is a non-recourse transaction in which the client only has to repay the funds if their lawsuit is successful.

Contact: Chris Janish, CEO
Ph. 877.636.6010