Accident Lawsuit Funding Announces Holiday Lawsuit Funding Special for Clients

Accident Pre-Settlement and Settlement Funding Company announces a holiday promotion for new and existing clients involved in any and all types of personal injury accidents; clients who fund between November 1st and Black Friday for a minimum funding amount of $2,000 are eligible to win a free gift card.

Nov 06, 2015, 05:00 ET from

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Nov. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading national lawsuit funding firm, announced today their holiday lawsuit funding special. Clients who fund between November 1st and Black Friday are eligible to receive a free gift card, as long as the funding amount is a minimum of $2,000. Clients involved in any and all types of personal injury and commercial litigation cases, who need lawsuit money or a lawsuit cash advance, are encouraged to contact ALF now and fund by Black Friday in order to receive a free gift card. ALF understands that the holidays can put pressure on families who find themselves without funds while they wait for their cases to settle, and it's for that reason that ALF holds yearly promotions for their clients. ALF, along with their funding partners, are equipped to handle a steady flow of lawsuit cash advances on all car and semi-truck personal injury accidents, and they are also able to service higher end clients who need large lawsuit cash advances. ALF is one of the few companies in the industry that is able to help clients even if they have previously received legal funding from another firm in the legal funding industry.

ALF is staffed with highly trained and experienced representatives who provide top notch customer service, low rates, approvals within 24 hours, and accident lawsuit funding guidance. Additionally, ALF can assist victims with receiving immediate compensation – prior to obtaining a settlement – due to medical treatment, loss of income and/or future income, rehabilitative care, emotional distress, employment loss, property loss, and pain and suffering. Surgical funding can also be provided, regardless if the victim involved has insurance to cover the necessary procedure(s). Clients who are in need of lawsuit funding are encouraged to call ALF before Black Friday in order to not only receive lawsuit money, but a free gift card as well (provided that the funding amounts are $2K or more.

Chris Janish, CEO, commented on the company's holiday lawsuit funding special, "We are pleased to once again offer our clients a free gift card for their business so they will have a little extra cash-flow to shop. Our office is ready to handle a high volume of cases, and we will look at all lawsuit cases during the busy holidays, including cases with large prior funding amounts with previous funding companies."   

To contact ALF or to fill out an application for lawsuit funding online, visit:

Visit ALF's website for more details and information on how the ALF funding process works:

Here is a full list of the types of cases eligible for a free gift card:

Airplane or Aviation Accidents, Person Injury Accidents, Amusement Park Accidents, Asbestos and Mesothelioma Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Bus Accidents, Car and Automobile Accidents, Casino Accidents, Construction or Labor Law Accidents, Cruise Ship Accidents, Defective Products or Pharmaceutical Drugs, Dog Bite Accidents, Jones Act, Maritime, Boat, or Ship Accidents, Medical Malpractice Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, NFL Concussion or Painkiller Suits, Nursing Home Negligence case, Pedestrian Accidents, Police Brutality or Assault and Battery, Premise Liability Accidents or Slip and Fall case, Product Liability Accidents, Semi or Tractor Trailer wrecks, Settled Cases, Surgical Funding, Swimming Pool accidents, Taser Cases, TBI or Brain Injury Accidents, Train or FELA Railway Accidents, Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Workers Compensation Accidents, and Wrongful Death Accidents.  

You can apply online at:

You may also call the company's toll-free hotline, where agents are standing by to assist you, at:  877.636.6010

Be advised that the company funding programs should not be confused with any of the following: lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, settlement loan, settlement loans, or a pre-settlement loan, as sometimes referred to from prospective clients. The lawsuit cash advance is a non-recourse transaction in which the client only has to repay the funds if their lawsuit is successful.  

Chris Janish, CEO
Ph. 877.636.6010