Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports Fatal Bicycle Crash in Peachtree Corners

Accident Pre-Settlement and Settlement Funding Company says that a Peachtree Corners man was found dead in a creek after what looked like a bicycling accident that led to a wrongful death case.

May 19, 2015, 05:00 ET from

SAVANNAH, Ga., May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading national lawsuit funding firm, announced today that a man in Peachtree Corners was found dead in a creek earlier this year after what was suspected to be a bicycling accident. According to Peachtree Corners Patch, police reports indicate that two women discovered a bicycle on the ground between the roadway and the bridge as they were walking, and then they found a man's body face down in the creek. Police officers stated a tire track was near the sidewalk, which led them to believe he went off the sidewalk and hit a concrete barrier, leading to his being catapulted into the shallow creek. It is unknown at this time if he was struck by a car or a semi-truck, but unfortunately, incidents like this fatal bicycle crash in Peachtree Corners occur, and ALF is dedicated to assisting plaintiffs involved in bicycle accidents as well as other accidents that result in personal injury. Several companies in the pre-settlement funding industry have stopped funding cases similar to this personal injury and wrongful death case, however, ALF is here to help those who need funding on similar cases to the Peachtree Corners case.

Chris Janish, CEO of ALF, commented on the recent fatal bicycle crash in Peachtree Corners, "The Peachtree Corners situation is a tragic bicycle accident that reminds bike riders on the road with cars and trucks to be extra careful. It is cases like the Peachtree Corners case with serious injuries that we continue to fund to assist plaintiffs who need cash before their settlement. Our applications have been way up as other financial funding companies have scaled back, and we have been able to pick up a good amount of their business."

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